Chilean cherries 2023/24 imported to China arrived in Shanghai

Chilean cherries 2023/24 imported to China arrived in Shanghai


Chilean cherries 2023/24 imported to China arrived in ShanghaiChilean cherries 2023/24 imported to China arrived in Shanghai, Chilean cherries 2023/24 gain great attraction in the Chinese market. As the first shipment of cherries from Chile for the 2023/2024 season have been air freighted to Shanghai on 15 October 2023, Chilean cherries gained great attractions among local Chinese consumers.

Chilean cherries 2023/24 gain great attraction in China

Chilean cherries 2023/24 imported to China arrived in Shanghai, this is the first fresh cherries imported to China from Chile - the paradise of fresh produces, cherries in particular, the Chinese cherry lovers enthusiastically anticipated best known Chilean cherries landing China and can’t wait to taste the those first fresh produces that harvested from southernmost sphere of the global, they are quite highly sought after special fresh produce.

As cherry produce related research from Chilean indicates that another record harvest and export volumes of up to 100 million cases of cherries are expected, if under the suitable weather permission. However, it is always the case that the weather decides. “It is a difficult season in terms of climatic conditions…despite these climatic challenging there is a promising future for the Chilean cherry industry based on the new varieties they are trialling” as indicated by Lorena Pinto, Product Manager, and an evaluator at ANA Chile.  

Meanwhile Garces Fruit from Chile has harvested and airfreighted the first shipment of cherries to China on the 2nd week October 2023.

In a statement the ANA Chile company said: “The first cherries of the 2023/2024 season are already in the air, heading to China on a plane that departed in the early hours of Sunday morning, and is expected to arrive tomorrow Monday in Shanghai. 

The cherries, which were harvested last Friday (13 October) in Ovalle, were processed on Saturday at our plant in San Francisco de Mostazal, where they were properly packed and ready to travel and arrive at their destination with the best quality. 

Soon we will tell you how the trip was and how these first cherries were received in The Asian Giant, which we hope will be a good omen for our consumers, producers, workers, and all those involved in this wonderful process. As a Garces Fruit team, we are ready and anxious for the beginning of this period for which we prepare so much during the year.” 

Chilean fresh produces ready for 2023/24 Chinese market

Chilean fresh produces (cherries, table grapes and blueberries) ready for 2023/24 Chinese market. Chile is the southernmost country in the world, a country located in western South America. Chile is best known as cherries paradise, the world leader in cherry production, and exports has seen a doubling in early export volumes for the first two months of the campaign with 95% going to China. 

With the experienced of last year cherries shipping delay encounters, related Chilean trade organizations took preventive measures, ensure 2023/24 Chilean cherries import to China efficient stream of ships and containers.  Chilean cherries trade organizations work closely with the China imports’ authorities to ensure efficient inspections and arrivals. A large marketing campaign is also underway across supermarkets, for both online and offline, in China to boost sales. 

As the year 2023/24, will be a year of adaption and adjustment to new conditions says Iván Marambio, President of the Chilean Association of Fruit Exporters (Asoex). with cherries, table grapes and blueberries from this South American country being shipped in boat loads to world markets, we expect global markets to start showing signs of recovery, especially during the second half of the year.”

Chilean cherry thousand more containers stopover Hong Kong port

Have you heard Cherry Express Service?  that’s a Hapag-Lloyd ship with a record number of Chilean cherry containers on board, in a single stopover at the Hong Kong Port from Puerto Valparaíso, Chile. On earlier February 2023, there were 1,222 active refrigerated Chilean cherries containers unloaded in Hong Kong, the largest number of fresh produce cherry containers from Chile ever unloaded in Hong Kong from a single stopover.

As fresh produce, every minute accounts, this service allows cherry containers to be transported speedily across the border, and quickly reach consumer markets across southern China in just a few hours, after landing in Hong Kong,” stated Axel von Bloh, the general manager of Hapag-Lloyd's Hong Kong office. With such highly sought after fresh produce, Chile's high-quality cherry is a popular gift in mainland China, having Chinese consumers receive the fresh cherries in their original tasty state is a priority for Chilean exporters and Chinese importers for cherries in southern China. 

2023/24 will be another amazing season for Chilean cherries in China. Chinese importers for cherries and Chilean cherries exporters are positive working together, to achieve the cooperatives and productive results. Hong Kong, as the main gateway for thousands of containers each year, important for mainland China and the rest of Asia too. 

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