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DCCC delivers reliable Chinese Importers, Chinese Investors data in responds to company demands for their projects/services to connect with China.

DCCC has become a leading data provider of Chinese Importers, Chinese investors, and China Investment Report since 1999. Our data is intended to serve as resources to explore your business opportunities in China market, with the list of Chinese importers, the list of Chinese companies invested in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, etc., to connect with Chinese importers and Chinese Investors, to  discover market opportunities in China.

Our Major Range

    • Chinese Importers
      This service assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers, distributors and agents to bringing Consumers Goods into China market with expertise and proficiency. we provides various List of Chinese Importers with unique contact profile and detailed business info, available upon request.
    • China Reports
      We frequently publish China market reports, covering a wide range of industries. We focus on Chinese market and serve global customers. For those acquiring further than our research competency, we have a term of research partners and external experts internationally. More…
    • Chinese Companies in EU Countries
      This service delivers directories of Chinese companies invested in the major European countries: The directory of Chinese companies invested in the Netherlands; The directory of Chinese companies invested in Germany; The directory of Chinese companies invested in Denmark; The directory of Chinese companies invested in Sweden; The directory of Chinese companies invested in Switzerland, the UK, France, Italy, etc.
    • China Data Service
      This service covers data on China outbound investment, and contact info of Chinese latest investors for different sectors and industries.
    • China Outbound Investment
      We provide the following China outbound investment custom service: Chinese companies in the Dutch market-how are they doing? Chinese companies invested in Germany-Market Environment Analysis, Chinese companies invested in Sweden- Market Entry study, Chinese companies invested in Denmark-Value Chain Study, Chinese companies invested in UK-Competitor Intelligence study, and Chinese companies invested in Switzerland-Business Partner Evaluation.


    Chinese Importers and China’s Outbound Investment are the DCCC main focus,To discover market opportunities in China, the lists of Chinese importers add extra value to your imports/exports business which are the rich resources to explore your market in China. As Chinese corporate are poised to take an even larger role in global commerce as they turn to cross-border mergers and acquisitions. DCCC offers China Reports on various topics of China industry and China market, including China outbound merger and acquisition deals update reports, such as: Chinese companies invested in the European countries,  China’s Outbound Mergers & Acquisitions in Europe Update Report. If you ever needs assistance regarding Chinese outbound investment or Chinese investors or Chinese Importers information, DCCC will be the right platform to provide assistance, please send your questions to:

     China’s Outbound Mergers & Acquisitions in Germany Update

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China Reports Provide Detailed Business Intelligence

For better understanding China market and China industry reality, key industry players and forecast the upcoming market shifting and growing trends by focusing on China industry and market statistics which mainly are The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS); The Center for Economic Analysis and Forecasting (CEAF); China National Technical Import & Export Corporation, etc. that are the main strength of our China Reports which give guarantee the quality of the date and statistics reliability.

China Reports Offer extensive Market Facts and Figures
China industry forecast by various industry and market experts in China. China Reports cover wide arrange of diversified sectors of Chinese enterprises which involve in various industries, mainly Energy-Utilities; Electronics- Computers; Pharmaceutical – Chemical; Consumer Goods; Public Sector, etc. Specific categories of China Reports in various industries and markets.

China Reports Cover Enterprises in Depth
Below China Reports available upon request.

China report Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods
Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage
construction machinery
Heavy Industry
Life Sciences
Life Sciences
Chemical & Materials
Materials & Chemical
Services Sector
Technology & Media