Avocados export to China from Australia one step closer

Avocados export to China from Australia one step closer


Avocados export to China from Australia one step closerAvocados export to China from Australia one step closer as a result of signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Beijing with Avocados Australia took place on November 2023, the MOU is with China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association (CIQA) to assists smooth out related technical issues to trade agreements. Avocados export to China from Australia one step closer.

Avocados export to China from Australia one step closer

Avocados export to China from Australia one step closer as a result of signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Beijing with Avocados Australia took place on November 2023, the MOU is with China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association (CIQA) to assists smooth out related technical issues to trade agreements.

Avocados from Queensland are rather hopeful to reach the Chinese market with the assistance from MOU and CIQA, including to exchange information relevant to market trends, and helping to develop frameworks for necessary R&D, collaborating avocados trade related information sharing between China’s regulatory market access bodies and Avocados Australia.

As far as Australia avocados is concerned, Queensland is the largest avocado producing state in Australia, and its best avocados export to China, certainly, cheering the local avocados fresh produce growers and suppliers. According to Australia avocados insiders, Queensland avocados are higher quality fruits that much in demand in overseas market, the local Palaszczuk Government strongly supports its quality avocados to enter the China market, reaching the vast Chinese consumers in China. For more information: statements.qld.gov.au 

Imported avocados in Chinese market - Avocados export to China

Imported avocados in the Chinese market. The trading opportunity for avocados from overseas to enter the Chinese market opened a decade ago. Imported avocados have enjoyed an attractive reputation in China, due to this special fruit richer nutrition essential, and rising health consciousness, more Chinese consumers recognize the healthy value of avocados, pushing imported avocados growth, according to a related report.

China's imported avocados are from Chile, Mexico and Peru, theses countries enjoyed the preferential treatment of zero tariffs, and obtained the China market access certificate for the export of their avocados to China, while other countries (e.g., New Zealand, Colombia, Philippines, United States) are considered new suppliers.

In recent years, the Chinese market demand for imported avocados has sprinted a period of speedy development. It is this rich nutritious avocados, famous fruit, driving the import volume in China. The retail price of domestically grown avocados and imported avocados is similar, RMB 20 - RMB 26 ($2.90 - $3.80) per box (including two avocados of approximately 160g each). And most avocados are imported though Shanghai and Guangdong Customs.

China market insiders revealed that almost 80% of fresh avocados are sold in retail or wholesale venues. A new phenomenon of using avocados as a hip ingredient in fresh drinks in restaurants, such as: juices and teas, particularly, avocados for making fresh salads among the high-end hotels, the growing in fresh avocado consumption in China is pushing avocados continuing import to China.

statistics China imported avocados 2017-2022

Imported avocados per suppliers - avocados trade to China

Avocados trade to China, Peru and Chile are the key players, the statistics showed that China avocados imports remained stable in comparison with same period previous year, slightly 3 percent growth in 2022, according to China Customs.

Peru avocados trade to Chinamarket opportunities in China for avocados from Peru open wider, Peru remains the leading avocado supplier to the Chinese market, its avocados supplying lasted more than a half year, which are available from March until September, continuously substantial number of Peruvian avocados imported to China. In 2021, total 26,000 metric tons higher quality avocados from Peru imported to China, accounting for 64% of the imported avocado market share. From January to September 2022, China imported about 25,611 metric tons of Peruvian avocados, up 11% from the previous year.

Mexico and Chile avocados trade to Chinaavocados from Mexico and Chile are also occupied an important position as the main suppliers to the Chinese market, standing for one third of the imported fruit market share with 13,400 metric tons of quality fresh avocados from Mexico and Chile imported to China in 2021. Consistently, Mexico and Chile are the two sources avocados’ suppliers to the Chinese market. Furthermore, avocados suppliers to China also include New Zealand, Colombia, the Philippines, and the United States.

Kenya avocados trade to ChinaKenya is relatively a new avocados supplier to the Chinese market, nevertheless, Kenya is the largest avocados producer in Africa, the country exported a total of 84,000 tons of avocados to the world in 2021. its fresh avocados mainly export to Unites Arab Emirates, Finland, and France. At present, Kenya also is one of avocados suppliers from Africa to China, due to the country received market access to China on June 1st, 2022, its of avocados shipments already arrived in Shanghai.

Avocados trade to China - Imported avocados per suppliers 2017-2022

Chinese consumers demand for quality imported avocados fruits 

Chinese consumers demand for imported avocados fruits…as far as fresh produces concerns, Chinese consumers holds on the popular believe that imported fruits has higher quality, because geographical locations of the suppliers’ countries with most sunny weather, that nourish the fruits growth, the nutritional benefits of avocados help enhance consumer awareness.

The opportunity for avocados to enter the Chinese market, first to know, retail and wholesale venues are the dominant sectors for distributing fresh avocados in China, and major Chinese importers of avocados play an important role in bring overseas produced fresh avocados into mainland China, such as:  HENGXIANG, Fruity Princess GXF, and MIDAO.

Consumption of avocados in China is broadly affected by the Chinese local importers and retailers, these group avocados traders play a significant role in purchasing, distribution, and marketing.

Additionally, Chinese consumer behaviors are changing with a niche group of high-end consumers emerged in most main cities in China, at present, first tier cities remain the key consumption markets for fresh imported avocados, mainly because more consumers are aware of avocados higher nutritional value and its healthy fruit benefit, demand for quality imported fresh avocados is growing among Chinese consumers.

China to import over five times more avocados by 2028

Avocados imports to China is projected to expand in the coming 5 years, according to a related report, as the demand for high-quality fresh avocados continue to rise. Globally, the import of avocados is expected to increase in most major markets by 2028. In the U.S. and in European Union plus the UK, imports are estimated to increase by 500 thousand metric tons each. China is also estimated to import over five times more avocados, increasing from around 36 thousand metric tons in 2020 to about 196 thousand metric tons by 2028, according to Statista.

The avocado is one of the fastest-growing fruits in China. Peru continues to be the leading supplier, followed by Mexico and Chile. With new market access granted to Kenya, there are stronger competition in China’s avocado market.

The opportunities for avocados to enter the Chinese market is expanding, China is a leading fresh produces importing country. For avocados imports/exports businesses, avocados producers, farmers that are trying to import avocados to China, now the Chinese importers/distributers for avocados fruits in China is available upon request. For further information. Please contact our China Chamber: DCCCHINA.ORG - the authentic China commercial organization assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers in details,  distributors for Consumers Goods, Food-Beverages.