Coffee China imports by value 2020-2023 grow higher - coffee Chinese importers active

Coffee China imports by value 2020-2023 grow higher - coffee Chinese importers active


China Coffee Imports By ValueCoffee China imports by value 2020-2023 grow with China coffee market flourish, coffee Chinese importers active engaged. Up to June 2023, China coffee and products total imports valued US$454 million, a year-on-year increase of 3.22%.China coffee imports show strong growth potential. particularly, instant coffee China import volume 2023 expand substantially.

Coffee imported to China by value 2020-2023 grow higher

China coffee imports by value grow bigger during 2020-2023. In 2023, from January up to June, data showed that China's total imports of coffee and products totalled US$454 million, a year-on-year increase of 3.22%.

In 2022, China imported 175,300 tons of coffee and relevant products value of 7.39 billion yuan.

In 2021, China imported around 1.68 million 60-kilogram bags of green coffee beans, in comparison, soluble coffee import volume in China amounted to around 1.82 million bags in the same period, according to statistics of China total coffee import volume in 2021.

In 2020, China imported US$310M (in 2019: US$269M) of coffee, the country became one of the largest importer of coffee in the world. At the same year, coffee was one of the most imported products in China.

Coffee China imports with Chinese importers

Coffee drinking - an era of speedy China coffee market expansion  

Coffee China imports by value 2020-2023 grow with growing coffee drinkers in China, this is an era of speedy China coffee market flourishing. Today, in regard with coffee consumption, China is a raising star, the numbers of Chinese coffee consumers increased noticeably.

The data indicated that coffee consumption rates in China are growing at 30% a year, compared to an international rate of 2% (SPR coffee) in the last ten years, coffee drinkers’ number grown noticeably in China.

Drinking coffee comes into an era of speedy expansion in China. To the degree that beverages consumption, drinking coffee is like drinking tea for most younger Chinese, it is a daily drink. According to data, in recent years, the per capita coffee consumption in China was from 6.2 cups raised to 7.2 cups.

Today it is upswing to about10 cups. Since China coffee consumption is scaling through main hotels, restaurants, thousands, and thousands local coffee bars, supplying coffee materials has become challenging, raw coffee beans China imports also keep on climbing.

In general, everyday, a new coffee shop opened in local China, according to the China coffee market insiders. Noticeably, the local Chinese coffee shops keep creative in the larger cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

Coffee consumption in local China has been the minimum impacted by the on-going pandemic, even in conjunction by severe lockdown days, coffee shops connected with consumers by offering home delivering service, bringing warm coffee to the front door steps, hence, instant coffee sales not much interrupted by the pandemic.

The demand for coffee continues to grow, meanwhile, international coffee brands, Starbucks and Nestle, have performed rather well in Chinese market, especially instant coffee consumption increased.

The instant coffee sector seized a substantial market share due to its suitability. It is expected to achieve distinction in the market during the forecast period, due to the accessibility it provides to customers. Consumers discover it simple to select their desired brands since the large assortment of product preferences accessible.

China has more coffee drinkers than ever, although China is a land of tea, a nation full of passionate tea drinkers, however, in the last ten years, coffee consumption has grown a staggering 1,032%.

China coffee demands increasing, enthusiastic coffee drinkers are not less than tea drinkers in China, in recent years, the country coffee consumption continues expand its horizons.

Nowadays, China coffee market expands and flourishes, as coffee sector insiders look at China as a new raising star in coffee consumption, at present, the country is one of the most promising coffee markets.

The coffee China market is forecast to see a CAGR of 10.42% throughout the projected period 2022-2027, according to a related report.

Coffee China imports with Chinese imorters

Coffee beans China imports raised substantially 

Coffee beans China imports also grow higher due to the rising numbers of coffee drinkers in China that roused more coffee beans. particularly, coffee beans China imports also grown for making roasted coffee, substantially, resulting coffee beans Chinese importers active engaging.

China is the largest importer of raw coffee beans, and imports most of its raw coffee beans from United Kingdom, Italy, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brazil, Columbia, Indonesia, Guatemala, and Ethiopia.

The total raw coffee beans import into China remained constant in recent years, with the highest total import in 2018, reaching 294.26 million US dollars.

Coffee beans average China import price (US/per ton.) in recent years:

▪ in 2017 (USD 4,005.41 per ton)

▪ in 2018 (USD 4,474.38 per ton)

▪ in 2019 (USD 4,134.05 per ton)

▪ in 2020 (USD 4,476.09 per ton)

HS Code main coffee products imported to China:

▪ Shells/husks - 0901901000 (咖啡豆荚及咖啡豆皮

▪ Instant coffee - 2101120000 (以咖啡为基本成分的制品)

▪ Concentrated coffee - 2101110000 (咖啡浓缩精汁)

▪ Coffee bean (咖啡豆):

 ➢ Unroasted coffee with caffeine – 0901110000 (未浸除咖啡碱的未焙炒咖啡)

 ➢ Roasted coffee with caffeine - 0901210000 (未浸除咖啡碱的已焙炒咖啡)

➢ Decaffeinated roasted coffee - 0901220000 (已浸除咖啡碱的已焙炒咖啡)

Incredible coffee trade unique opportunities in China 

Among coffee China imports, raw green coffee beans are dominant products imported to China, roasted coffee beans position the second. The annual growth rate of coffee consumption in China is expected to keep up at about 8.3% in the next few years.

The import value is expected to be close to USD 300 million in 2024. Thus, there are more space for imported coffee in the Chinese market, more coffee import shipments go to China.

As the volume of coffee sell in China is stretching, it generates great opportunities for coffee bean producers, growers, and traders. Soon China will take the lead of, not the tea, but coffee consumption, and become a main coffee-consuming country.

Owing to the expanding challenges with demands and supply in local China coffee market, there is a need for soluble instant coffee imports to China, particularly, raw green coffee beans imports to China are in demand.

Coffee China imports with Chinese imorters

How to contact professional coffee importers from China? 

If you are coffee producers, growers, or engaging in coffee trading in global coffee market, certainly, in terms of the fact and statistics raising coffee consumption in China, you should seriously consider such sizeable China coffee market. Here focuses on import your coffee to China with importers from China.

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