Why is children’s snacks China imports ratio going up?

Why is children’s snacks China imports ratio going up?


Why are imported children’s snacks intensely in demand in ChinaIn general, consumers consider a snack is as a small portion of food commonly consumed between meals. Snacks come in multiple formulas in China, usually including packaged snack foods, such as snack bar food, good snack food, healthy snack food for diabetics, and other processed foods.

What is so-called children’s snacks in China?

So called “children’s snacks” in China is typically for children aged 3 to 12, which connect to nutrition, health, and with safety features. Chinese children nutritionists believe that healthy snacks help quench kids' hunger and boost nutrition, prevent physically getting cranky.

Also, snacks help avoid overeating at meals. In addition, for picky eaters of all age’s kids, snacks are chances to add more nutrients to their diets.

children’s snacks in ChinaOther related research also shows that how nutrition has a direct influence on how children feel, the brain uses more energy than any other organ in human body – over 20% of our daily energy intake. Science based understanding leads to quality snacks popular than ever, especially children’s snakes in China.

Snacking is part of children's daily routine nowadays in China. 

It emerged snacking habit among youngsters in China, that children love the taste of biscuits and crisps snacks, especially, kids love to graze energy improving snacks.

In today’s China modern living, kids go to school, normally take some snacks in the school bags, snacking just as other activities has becoming part of children's daily routine, peak in appetite occurs more likely in the afternoon the after-school slump.

The most youngster will enjoy several snacks a day, with biscuits, crisps, and chocolate bars among the most popular children’s snacks in the Chinese market.

Knowledge based over why kids love snacks food

According to snacks nutritionists that “kids have smaller tummies and can't eat as much as we do per meal, so they have to eat more frequently,” and “A child constantly asking for snacks is likely just growing and hungry, or it may be a sign of their body need more nutrients”.

Today, many easy healthy snacks for kids accessible and reasonably priced too, for instance, crunchy chickpeas, celery nut and seeds, recent years new innovative veggie-based chips, kernels-based energy bars, etc. for parents should recognize different signs kids’ body is deficient in nutrients, to identify a nutria problem by looking at kids eating behaviours.

Children’s snacks foodstuffs China imports ratio is going up

By category of China imports, snacks food, including children snacks and baby food as a part foodstuffs imported to China. As China foodstuffs imports 2023-2028 increases, the proportion of snacks food China imports also grows. Statistics indicated that in 2022, by China import ratio between foodstuffs and snacks food, more than 50% China imported foodstuffs are snacks food and baby food.

In other words, imported snacks food shared more than a half of total imported foodstuffs in China imports. It’s not surprising that China imported foodstuffs valued US$188.03 billion high in 2022. By market size, that China children snacks food branch will reach US$41.61 billion by 2027.

Recent years happened pandemic had a strong impact on the snack market in China, as people spend more time indoors, resulting snacks food as a close food friend, consumed more, and stimulating snacks food sector growth.

The top 5 categories of snacks consumed were nuts, cakes and pastries, cookies, meat and dried fruit in China snacks food consumption. Imported snacks food, and children snacks obtained more consumers, both young and old in China.

Snacks are popular foodstuffs in China and globally as well, also pointed out by snacks global market trends 2023 report, that 45% of people eat three or more snacks per day. “because “consumers nowadays are becoming more like snacks, especially in convenience format or it also can turn to more functional, portable, single - serving, and nutritional snacks. Becoming smaller in portion, easier to consume, more nutritious and tastier”.

China foodstuffs import 2021-2028 in total play an important role 

China has become the world's top importer of foodstuffs over the past two decades, Chinese importers have been making tremendous contributions to China imports and global imports and exports at large.

In recent years, China's foodstuffs imports valued US$135.456 billion in 2021. From January to November 2022, the import value of food in China surged to US$188.03 billion .

The Food market in China is projected to grow by 7.88% (2023-2028) resulting in a market volume of US$2180.00bn in 2028.

Today, Chinese government has been taking positive approaches over alternatively lowering tariffs, upgrading the source of supply, and widen variety categories imported foodstuffs. China's imported food by main category: 

(1) meat and its products,

(2) food and products,

(3) seafood and products,

(4) dairy,

(5) fruits and products, and

(6) vegetable oil.

Those China’s imported foodstuffs come from all continents, and from various sources around the global, but main suppliers are United States, New Zealand, and Brazil. As for China's imported foodstuffs by key province and city, which focus on Guangdong Province, Shanghai, Beijing.

There are also government related regulations and food safety update, here are the key explanations of China’s imported food relevant policies:

(1) General requirements for children snacks group standard,

(2) The food education and health industry committee,

(3) China children’s development outline 2021-2030, 

(4) Food safety standard maximum levels of contaminants in foods

(5) General requirements for children’s jelly, candy, and chocolate industry standards.

Around children’s snacks, parents are more in tune with imported brands children’s snakes, because the nutrition value contained, wherein attract more parents’ interests in China, and market opportunities for imported children’s snacks is opening wider.

Particularly, there are incredible market spaces for more foreign brand premium children’s snacks in China. According to Qianzhan report, the Chinese snack market is expected to maintain a compound growth rate of over 6%, and by 2025 is expected to exceed 4 trillion yuan.

The existing proportions of China’s children’s snacks market signifies around one-tenth of the total snacks market in the country, according to the children snacks market analysis.

The data from China food news showed that, the total Chinese snacks market reached an amazing valuation of ¥571.3 billion (RMB) ($79.23 billion, US dollar) in 2019, with a steady yearly growing ratio exceeding 6%. While, in 2020, the value of China snacks market had exceeded the significant momentous of ¥ 600 billion (RMB), ($83.22 billion US dollar).

The analyses of China snacks market 2023 points toward promising multiple annual further growth level, for the children snacks’ segment, it is assessed within 10-15% percentage.

This highlights that not only the entire snacks China market gain chances for further climbing up, but also the children’s snacks market in China stands out, gaining more space for continuing expansion, and exploration innovative healthy assortment that suitable for kids in different age….

Increased opportunities for foreign brands children’s snakes in China

There are three main foreign brands children’s snacks presented in the Chinese market today, namely are Heinz snacks (亨氏), Little Freddie snacks (小皮), and Gerber snacks (嘉宝), all these three foreign brands children’s snacks have stronger presence in China today.

Imported brands children’s snacks are restively higher in prices, and frankly, quite a few in the Chinese market by comparison with native brands children’s snacks.

As some consumers observed that China is a paradise for snacks, but foreign brands children’s snacks in China are only a handful, such as:

Heinz snacks (亨氏), that are Heinz baby and toddler foods, such as, nutritionally rich kids nuggets, that made with beans, source of protein and fibre, etc.

Little Freddie snacks (小皮), which recipes use sophisticated ingredients, specifically tailored for toddlers.

Gerber (嘉宝) baby food and baby care, one of well branded nutritious snacks for kids by providing vitamins to support good eating habits for children.

There are also toddle’s snacks in China with the integration of intellectual property (IP) branding, such as:

Disney (迪士尼), many Disney snacks are sweet or salty foods with minimal nutritional value (fun though they may be) such as candy, popcorn, or ice cream bars.

Other Disney snacks take the form of a single-serve beverage such as a bottle of water or soda.

An other toddle’s snacks in China with IP branding is Peppa Pig snacks (小猪佩奇), let your little one have fun with Peppa Pig toddle’s snacks.

Today, the integration of intellectual property (IP) is a real trend, and already practiced well in the children’s snacks sector, we will see more such integrated operations of foreign brands with the Chinese business foodstuffs entities.

Certainly, there are many gaps for foreign brands children’s snacks in the China market, at the same time, consumer demands for quality imported children’s snacks are continuing rising in China, those gaps of supply and demand needed to be mended on the annually basis by China foodstuffs imports, and fulfilled by the importers as profession from China.

Foreign children's snacks suppliers with Chinese importers

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