Incredible opportunities for foreign brands children’s snacks in China

Incredible opportunities for foreign brands children’s snacks in China


Incredible opportunities for foreign brands children’s snacks in China

China children’s snacks industry has not been fully developed at this moment, that brings favourite additional opportunities for foreign brands moving in, especially for investors, producers, and venders of quality foreign brands.

China children’s snacks industry is immature-spaces for foreign brands

For several decades long, snacks were considered as luxury foodstuffs in the “rise bowl” China, children’s snacks industry has certain level of developing during the past decade, but it’s long not in complete shape to reach full maturity.

Also, China food industry still focus on basic foodstuffs productions, not much research on quality luxuries children’s snacks items, and not enough focuses to identify food, fibre and nutrition processing as a key priority, and from perspective of guiding principle, there was no clear directive about nutrition value of children’s snacks. All led children’s snacks industry in China opening spaces.

Incredible opportunities foreign brands in China

Certainly, this is the favourable time and right opportunities for foreign brands children’s snacks enter Chinese market, or investors interested in China children’s snack sector. Statistics revealed that China food market amounts to US$1,492bn in 2023. The market is expected to grow annually by 7.88% (CAGR 2023-2028).

China snacks food sector is expecting a sizeable stretching, and quality children’s snacks are also in the lifting. In the China food market is expected to show a volume growth of 7.3% in 2024, to amount to 453.1bn kg by 2028.

Not only, the statistics indicates that children snacks China industry is still immature, the market is expected to grow with already a higher demand for quality children's snacks in China, but also, put pressure on Chinese importers for snacks foodstuffs, more premium children snacks will be imported to China, the percentage of children snacks China imports anticipated to raise, and opportunities for foreign brands in children’s snakes sector in China are opening up.

In confronting consumer common demands and in pursuit of market common interests, previously unimaginable opportunities and alliances are emerging and intensifying. China children’s snacks industry needs to further upgrade and innovation, producing lower quality children’s snacks are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

Incredible opportunities foreign brands in China

Unique opportunities for being partners/ investors in China snacks sector

At this moment, the market of quality children’s snacks is unsaturated in China, there are greater potentials for foreign brands to build new market connections in the children’s snacks sector in China. It’s also another suitable juncture for foreign brands strategically be partner with and collaborating the children’s snacks sector in China to utilise its brands potentials to shape new innovative marketplace, to strengthen its brands influences cross the Chinese market.

Since China children’s snacks sector is still in the process of further emerging, today, the industry is still upgrading process, it means that the volume of foreign brands children’s snacks still has plenty of room to grow in the Chinese market. All the equilibrium of supply and demand indicated that there are grown business potentials for foreign brands in China children’s snacks sector. Also, chances are unique for foreign brands investors and partners in the Chinese children’s snacks industry.

The projections of baby snacks, and prepared baby food in China (2023-2028) present promising import chances for children's snacks suppliers and investors.

The first, The Baby Snacks & Others market in China is projected to grow by 8.18% (2023-2028) resulting in a market volume of US$8.35m in 2028.

 The second, The Prepared Baby Food market in China is projected to grow by 7.91% (2023-2028) resulting in a market volume of US$388.50m in 2028.

The third, China’s latest statistical yearbook puts the number of children born between 2000 to 2010 at 172.5 million, and it will create a newfound expansion momentum, however, the China children’s snacks market is still at the stage of beginning phase, more opportunities are waiting to pick up.

Partners and investors can influence cultural IPs advantageously to come up with new inventions and expand driven leads. News briefing……….

Incredible opportunities foreign brands in China

Genuine organic foreign brands children snakes get fair chance in China

At present, China is the largest organic food market in Asia. Gradually, China is a real sizable buyer and significant importer of organic products in the world, notably, organic baby formula, organic baby food, and organic dairy.

China foodstuffs imports, consumer spending evolution, and consumption habits shifting played an important role, organic food demand has been keep growing in China in recent years. Especially snacks in Hong Kong future growth opportunities, it’s expected that China market size for organic food will reach US$ 30.88 billion by 2028.

Foreign brands organic children’s snacks have more market opportunities in China, varieties of imported organics snacks foodstuffs are resulting better sells, such as organic cheese based snacks, organic vegan based snacks, organic meat based snacks, organic chocolate rice crackers, organic cereal crisps, organic chocolate cereal crackers, organic nut bars, and organic fruit purees, etc.

Statistics published on Jul 3, 2023 showed that organic food sales in China recent years had been steady growing, in 2019 ¥465.66 billion, in 2020, ¥507.57 billion, in 2021 ¥521.86 billion, in 2022, ¥539.76 billion. It is forecasted that the sales of organic food in China close to about ¥600.00 billion in 2023.

Incredible opportunities foreign brands in China

Foreign brands organic children’s snacks have more chances to lead higher sales and gain more Chinese consumers. According to French organic brands “Good Gout” in China released the “Blue book on healthy diets for Chinese children in 2020”, that organic snacks as the first choice among Chinese consumers (92%), preferably natural ( 84%), and healthy ones (47%) by preferences in the Chinese market.

In addition, cheeses based children’s snacks opportunities is also expanding in China, such as, Danish dairy brand Arla foods already cooperated with Chinese dairy company Mengniu both worked together in the cheese sticks snacks products in China. Without doubt, cheese-based children’s snacks in China market are still at the beginnings’ stage, there are much more opportunities waiting for initiative players to discover.

Organic food is a dominate new trends around children’s snacks in China and globally, according to snacks global market trends 2023 , as “with more consumers trying to adopt healthier lifestyles - including healthier snacking, brands have an opportunity to address this by formulating with functional ingredients, healthy nutrients like protein, and delicious, savoury flavours to meet the taste expectations of consumer”.

Incredible opportunities foreign brands in China

Snacks made more nurturing healthy & nutritious snacks, and made with only organic ingredients, such as: organic peanut butter (organic dry roasted peanuts), organic whole grain yellow corn meal, organic degermed yellow corn meal, sea salt. natural organic is one of key trend in conveniently innovative.

Consumers look for in a healthy snacks, they have become more attentive to the ingredient lists and are seeking out snacks with streamlined lists and health claims. Snacks that are high in protein, low in sugar and sodium, plant-based, and gluten-free are driving the growth. Fortified, free-from, and fibber-filled varieties are also continuing priorities, among others.

Also, cheese-based snacks showed great growing potential in the Chinese market, special appealed to Chinese children. All that indicates foreign brands organic children’s snacks have new opportunities in China market, also offers a clear direction for snack products innovation, and ingredients upgrading in children’s snacks sector.

More importantly, for snacks suppliers and traders, be informed and prepared, food goes to the direction of organic in China, Chinese importers will import more organic children’s snacks to China. It is very likely that sales healthier children’s snacks in China 2023-2028 will come to reality.

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