China and Chile fresh produces trade looks brighter 2024

China and Chile fresh produces trade looks brighter 2024 - more Chile fruits export to China


China and Chile fresh produces trade looks brighter 2024China and Chile fresh produces trade looks brighter in 2024. China is Chile cherry top importer in 2023, fruits from Chile will begin exporting peaches and apricots to China in the 2023/24 season, more Chile produce exports to China soon. 

Chile's main agricultural exports include wine, fresh fruit, dairy, salmon, pork, poultry, and forestry products. Over 95 percent of exports went to countries with which Chile has international trade agreements. Chile's main export markets in 2022 were China and the United States. Chile Exports to China was US$38.45 Billion during 2022, according to Chile Exports to China - data, historical chart and statistics - was last updated on December of 2023. 

Factsheet Chile produce exports to China

China imports most of cherry fruits from Chile. Fresh cherry exports from Chile to China as projected for the 2022/23 season are expected to top 80 million boxes, or around 400,000 tons, according to a new date on 15 Jun 2023. 

China imported approximately 85% cherries from Chile in 2023

Particularly, Chile exports 85% of its cherries to China.  As the Southern Hemisphere’s largest fruit exporter,  most of cherry fruits in the Chinese market originated from Chile, that China remains priority market for fruit from Chile. As the president of the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association indicates, about 85 % or more of this season's Chilean cherry exports will arrive in China. 

The future export volume of Chilean cherries to China is likely to double over the next four seasons 2023/24, Chile focuses on expansion of cherry exports to China, committed to promote cherries from Chile in the Chinese market place, and in particular local regional cities. 

Accordance, Chile is improving its internal transportation and logistical system, and Chinese companies have contributed to this development, specifically in the future construction of suburban trains which will benefit more than 1 million Chileans each year. As Chinese New Year celebration is around the conner for 2024, certainly, cherry fruits from Chile will add color and taste to the Chinese festivity. 

China and Chile fresh produces trade looks brighter 2024Chile trade value with China uprising - China is Chile top foreign trade partner

According to Chilean foreign trade, in 2022, Chile do the most trade with main partner countries (% of exports): China ( 39.4%), United States (13.9%), Japan (7.6%), etc. Obviously, China is Chile's largest foreign trade partner, as trade value between China and Chile, Statistics showed that in 2022, Chile's exports to China exceeded its imports by about 12 billion U.S. dollars. In that year, the total value of products exported from Chile to the Asian country reached to about 38.45 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of nearly two billion U.S. dollars in comparison to the previous year. 

The same source further indicated that Chile trade value with China tend to uprising, especially, Chile exports to China grow sharply in the period of 2015-2022. Chile Exports to China was US$38.45 Billion during 2022, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade. Chile Exports to China - data, historical chart and statistics - was last updated on December of 2023. As usual, Chile exports to China is bigger than imports originated from China. As the latest available date in July 2023 indicated that , Chile exported $2.99B and imported $319M from China, resulting in a positive trade balance of $2.67B. Between July 2022 and July 2023 the exports of Chile have decreased by $-89.3M (-2.9%) from $3.07B to $2.99B, while imports decreased by $-48.3M (-13.1%) from $368M to $319M.

Chile trade value with China

Chile’s free trade agreement with China created more trades 

Food and fruits from Chile exports to China is a bigger businesses – benefit from Chile’s free trade agreement with China, recent years, more quality food and fruits from Chile imported to China, including meat, wine, vegetables, other fresh produces. Particularly, meat is one of Chile’s top export products that is not subject to tariffs. Some Chilean exports receive preferential tariffs of 2 to 10 percent in China, altogether created beneficial trade opportunities for both countries – China and Chile.

latest adjustments of China free trade agreement with Chile - Chile was the first Latin American country to establish diplomatic relations with China, in order to facilitate the two countries’ trades, subsequently, signed a free trade agreement. Here are the key points of latest adjustments of this China free trade agreement with Chile: 

--Tariff exemptions – Extend to 98% of all items. Additionally, existing tariffs on certain Chinese wood products will become eliminated over a three-year period. Chile will eliminate tariffs on Chinese imports, including home appliances, textiles, clothing and sugar products.

--Trade sector openings - Additionally, the countries will open trade in new sectors. China will open more than 20 sectors to investors in Chile, including: Distribution, Entertainment services, and Legal services. In turn, Chile’s sector openings will include: Construction, Transportation, and Express delivery

--Chile’s primary exports to China include: Copper, Fruits, and Seafood. Chile also exports services corresponding travel and tourism (implementing a visa-free policy with China for citizens who had a valid U.S. or Canadian visa).

--China’s primary exports to Chile include - Light industrial products, Electronics, Machinery products, and Textiles.

Chilean fruit exporters eye on China - more fruits originated from Chile to China

Chile is one of the largest fruit exporters in the world due to the country unique geographical location, Chile is the second longest country in the world. The country contains 7 different climates resulting an ideal agricultural dreamland for growing varieties produces for a substantial longer period of time. 

Chile trades its quality fruits to more than 100 countries around the global, from cherries, blueberries, grapes and stone fruit, to apples, pears, kiwifruit and citrus, etc., Chile entertains its global consumers with its world-class juicy fruits.

Today, Chilean fruit exporters eye on China due to growing demand from Chinese consumers, more fruits originated from Chile reached the Chinese market in the coming seasons 2024. Here are fruits exporters from Chile, focus on Cherries, Peaches, and Apricots.

Cherries exporters in Chile - partial


Note:* Chile is the world’s leading producer of cherries. Available from November through February, there are numerous opportunities to celebrate Cherries from Chile, from the holidays in December through Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and National Cherry Month in February.

Peaches exporters in Chile - partial 


Note:* Chilean peaches are available from November through March. They have a delicate aroma and a juicy, yellowish pulp. Chilean peaches make a refreshing addition to smoothies and salads, and pair nicely with poultry and seafood dishes. 

Apricots exporters in Chile -partial


Note:* Apricots are grown in Central Chile, and are available mid-November through December. Apricots are known for their delicate flavor, their soft and velvet-like skin and their exceptional sweetness. The most common varieties are Dina, Castle Brite, Fresno and Imperial. 

Chile fresh produces trade to China brought warm-color to December 2023

The first batch of sea-freight Chilean cherries arrives in the Chinese market

On December 9, the first shipment of seaborne Chilean cherries of this season, which all fruit merchants are eagerly awaiting, arrived in the domestic market and has been opened to the market, thus kicking off the 2023/2024 season of Chilean seaborne cherries.

Then on December 10, another batch of seaborne cherries arrived in Hong Kong, China. The entire ship was loaded with 126 containers, of which 43 containers were made by San Francisco Garces Fruit, and the rest were from brands such as Copefrut, Dole, and Hailang. The varieties of this ship include Royal Dawn, Santina, Glen Red, Black Rock, Frisco and other niche varieties.  

The price of the first batch of sea-freighted cherries is only ¥20-30 cheaper than that of air-freighted cherries. The price of high-quality products is even higher than that of air-freighted cherries, but the freshness of sea-freighted ones cannot be compared with that of air-freighted fruits. The first shipment of sea-shipped cherries had a small volume, which has little impact on the market price of air-shipped cherries.

According to relevant reports, the quality of air-shipped cherries this year is uneven. Because the Chilean production areas had a lot of rain before the cherries were picked, the taste of many varieties is not as good as in previous years.

Recently, the wholesale markets have been dominated by products transported by air, and then gradually turned to sea-freighted ones. The peak period of sea-borne cherries is expected to last from mid-December this year to early February 2024, and begin to decline after the Chinese New Year.

On December 9, buyers from all over the world, secondary wholesalers and many attracted merchants gathered at the opening of the container. The overall quality and hardness of the first container of Chilean sea-shipped cherries remained good. All the new products were sold out after the container was opened, and enthusiasm for cherries remains unabated. 

China and Chile fresh produces trade looks brighter 2024Peaches and apricots originated from Chile to China in the 2023/24 season

A group of inspectors from the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) was in Chile almost two weeks ago verifying that the orchards and packing facilities comply with the protocols signed by both countries for the entry of Chilean peaches and apricots into the Chinese market. A common inspection procedure required by China to open its market and start exports.

"The opening of the Chinese market to Chilean peaches is a very good opportunity to strengthen the development of the Chilean agro-export sector. This opening implies new alternatives for producers and exporters of stone fruits given the high consumption demand that China has for this type of fruit. This market opening will also bring greater territorial development to the regions where the production of these fruits is concentrated, that is, between the regions of Coquimbo to La Araucanía," stated the Minister of Agriculture, Esteban Valenzuela.

"The approval to start exporting our peaches and apricots to China is, without a doubt, great news for our industry. It showcases the close work that Frutas de Chile carries out with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Agricultural and Livestock Service, our Embassy in China, and the Customs of China, as well as the serious and committed work of our producers and exporters to comply with the agreed protocols so we can deliver this fruit with the quality and safety that the market and consumers expect. We are happy to be able to start exporting this fruit to China in this 2023-2024 season," stated Iván Marambio, the president of Frutas de Chile.

According to data from the Odepa-Ciren Fruit Cadastre, in 2022 the country had 1,851.2 hectares devoted to the production of peaches, concentrated in the O’Higgins Region with 53% and in the Valparaiso Region with 20% of the area. Chile has 528.3 hectares devoted to apricots, which are mainly located in the Valparaiso Region (39%) and the Metropolitan Region (32%).

In 2022, the country exported 270,000 tons of stone fruits; plums accounted for 59% of these exports, nectarines for 31%, peaches for 10%, and apricots for 0.38%. The main destinations were China with 134,000 tons (50%) and the United States with 52,000 tons (19%).

According to the SAG, the GACC has already published on its website the list of Chilean peach and apricot producers and packing facilities that are authorized to start exporting peaches and apricots to China.

China and Chile fresh produces trade looks brighter 2024Cherries daily prices in China 16-22, 2023

The price of cherries per kilogram/pound in China is fluctuated today, imported cherries are more costly than native cherries produces. Cherries originated from Chile are more expensive among imported fruits.   The retail price range for China cherries is between US$ 3.43 and US$ 7.83 per kilogram or between US$ 1.55 and US$ 3.55 per pound(lb). Click here to see today's exact prices of cherries in China

The retail price range in Yuan Renminbi for cherries is between CNY 24.02 and CNY 54.91 per kilogram or between CNY 10.90 and CNY 24.90 per pound(lb) in Beijing and Shanghai.

Wholesale prices in 2023, the approximate wholesale price range for China cherries is between US$ 2.40 and US$ 5.48 per kilogram or between US$ 1.09 and US$ 2.49 per pound(lb).

Cherries daily prices in China 16-22, 2023

indeed, the imported cherries prices are more costly, however, in terms of quality ,Chinese consumers rather pay higher prices for real thing. at the same time, Chinese market demand for more excellent premium fruits. as Chile is an dreamland for growing health juicy and testy fruits. For fruits exporters eye on Chinese market, , the list of Chinese importers for cherries available. Please visit: for more information.

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