Spanish kakis shipped to China for the first time - arrive in mid-Jan. 2024


Spanish kakis shipped to China for the first timeSpanish kakis shipped to China for the first time on December 14, will arrive in mid-January 2024, as the result of the protocol required by the Asian country was signed, Spanish kakis have a great future in China.

Spanish kakis shipped to China for the first time on December 14, 2023, as the result of the protocol required by the Asian country was signed. which includes cool treatment between 0 and 2 degrees Celsius prior to shipment. Spanish kakis will arrive in January 2024 in China, soon Chinese New Year 2024 celebration will begin, kakis are becoming more popular every year, so sales are increasing.


Spanish kakis have a great future in China

One of the companies responsible for this milestone is The Natural Hand, based in the municipality of Albal, Valencia, which will ship two 20,000 kilo containers with the logistics operator MSC. The containers will depart from the port of Algeciras bound for the Chinese cities of Shanghai and Guangzhou.

As the largest Rojo Brillante kakis producing state in Albal, Valencia, the local Government adamantly supports the sector gaining market access to China. Exporting Spanish kakis to China has taken shipping for the first time with the signing of the protocol required by the Asian country. based in the municipality of Albal, Spanish Rojo Brillante kakis is the peak industry body representing 80% Spanish kakis farmers, exporters, marketers, and wholesalers.


Quotes attributed to the CEO of The Natural Hand, Juan Carlos Martínez:

“Our entry into China with the Rojo Brillante kaki is the result of an agreement with a local client; an operator that currently has more than 6,000 stores and 79 million members throughout the country. This guarantees that the volumes to be exported in the coming years will be large,”

“Thanks to our experience with kakis in Hong Kong, our 9 years exhibiting at Asia Fruit Logistica and the years that we had been exporting citrus from a well-known brand in China, we have a large client base in the country,”

When working with China, there is no plan B

“When working with China, if the fruit does not arrive in the required condition, there is no plan B. The only alternative then is selling at the same price as local kakis, which would not cover the costs,”

“Exporters willing to ship to this country must be aware that it is a very challenging destination and that they must prepare themselves well, since errors can be very costly and affect the reputation of the country of origin, as we already saw happen a few years ago with oranges and lemons.”

“If all goes well, next year we plan to send between 60 and 70 containers of kakis to China. A future consequence of exporting to this country is that fewer kakis will go to Europe (the natural and most important market for Spanish kakis), which will help ensure a better balance between supply and demand. If production peaks can be avoided, prices will be more profitable for the growers and for the marketing companies and cooperatives.”

"We have already had positive experiences in the markets of Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore, so we are sure that Rojo Brillante kakis will be very popular in China, since they stand out from the local varieties, which are smaller, with a softer texture and a less attractive skin,"

"I would like to thank the Spanish Kaki Association, of which our company is a member, for the interest and commitment it has shown at all times,"


Quotes attributed to producer, exporter of Rojo Brillante kaki exports to Asia:

“Since the protocol was signed in the first quarter of 2023, we've had several months of hard work both in the field and in the packaging center,”

China is the most demanding market that we know 

“We have conducted numerous tests to select only the best farms. China is the most demanding market that we know of and, although this is a challenging year to select such a quality, given the impact of climatological factors, we always tend to have plots that will provide us with premium products for the Chinese New Year in other Asian countries to which we usually ship every year. We hope that this great celebration happening so close after the arrival of our kakis will further boost interest in them.”

"We are responsible for around 85% of all Rojo Brillante kaki exports to Asia, so we are the driving force of kaki exports to these destinations. We are highly specialized in long distance shipments and that is why we are ready to open this new trade route with China, which involves a transit time of between 37 and 40 days from the time the fruit is harvested in the field until it reaches its destination."


First container Persimon kaki from Spain Anecoop to China arrive in mid-Jan. 2024

The 15-tonne consignment of Persimon Bouquet will arrive in mid-January 2024 at the port of Shenzhen, China, destination is local Guangzhou wholesale market. This is the first-ever container of Persimon kaki from Spain exported to mainland China, which grown by the Valencia-based Coalmar cooperative in Spain.

Chinese consumers demand for more imported quality fruits, and more precisely in accordance with the China-Spain bilateral protocol, which was signed in the first quarter of 2023, the fruit will be subjected to cold treatment conditions at zero degrees during transportation.

The Rojo Brillante variety can withstand long journeys and Anecoop regularly ships it to distant markets including Canada, Brazil, and Hong Kong. According to a related report, China market size and fruits consumption potentials has always been attractive to the local fruits growers and fruits traders in Anecoop, Spain.

Quotes attributed to Anecoop’s Commercial Director Miguel Abril:

“in this first test shipment we want to see how the process develops. We know that we must go little by little and we are also at the end of the persimmon campaign, hence the limitation on product volume.

“This is a premium quality persimmon and this, added to the fact that its arrival is scheduled for before the celebration of the Chinese New Year [*Chinese New Year is the festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. Date: Saturday, February 10, 2024], increases our expectations that its reception will be good. We are already thinking about the next campaign for which we want to build a more regular programme.”


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