China takes nascent steps regarding sourcing sustainable farm products

China takes nascent steps regarding sourcing sustainable farm products


China takes nascent steps regarding sourcing sustainable farm productsChina is one of the largest and fastest-growing agricultural markets in the world, today, the country takes nascent steps regarding sourcing sustainable farm products. this presenting a wealth of opportunities for small and medium-sized sustainable farm products suppliers who are looking to direct export their products to China.

Recently China passed 2024 new food security law, although the central theme of the law is to achieve “absolute self-sufficiency" in staple grains, put down the amount of dependency overseas purchases. However, it's not going to happen over night. In fact, today China takes nascent steps regarding sourcing sustainable farm products

With a population of over 1.4 billion people and a rapidly expanding middle class, the demand for high-quality sustainable farm products in agricultural sector in China is on the rise. This presents a unique opportunity for sustainable farm products suppliers to tap into this lucrative market and expand their business. Look at this recent article from Reuters...

regarding sourcing sustainable farm products

China’s flagship food group COFCO International landed its first cargo of deforestation-free soybeans for domestic use on Friday (May 31), marking what industry players say is a milestone for a country that has prioritized price over sustainability in its farm imports.

China is a top buyer of agricultural goods, including soybeans and beef, which are drivers of global deforestation, but has lagged Western peers in demanding that produce including palm oil not be sourced from land linked to deforestation or conversion of natural habitats.

That is slowly changing, with state-run COFCO International as well as China Mengniu Dairy Company and Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co Ltd in the past year asking suppliers and consultants for sustainable soybeans, traders and sustainability experts told Reuters.

The volumes are tiny in the context of China’s overall buying, but the implications of the greener sourcing are significant, given China’s voracious appetite for agricultural goods, even as it seeks to cut its dependence on imports.

The participation of COFCO, which brought in Friday’s cargo at Tianjin port for Mengniu’s subsidiary Modern Farming Group, also sends a signal to other buyers of Beijing’s intent.

“There is a noticeable shift in buying trends among Chinese buyers towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly products,” a Singapore-based broker said, declining to be named due to business confidentiality.

Some Chinese companies have been “aggressively” asking for deforestation-free soybeans and carbon-neutral vegetable oil since last year, a manager with a global trading firm said.

Friday’s 50,000 metric ton cargo of Brazilian soybeans worth $30 million had a deforestation and conversion-free (DCF) clause for the first time for an order of the oilseed from China.

“Our industry must take action to help strengthen our food systems (and) promote sustainable agriculture practices that protect our climate and environment,” COFCO International Chief Executive Wei Dong said in a statement.

The shipment is a pilot project driven by the World Economic Forum’s Tropical Rainforest Alliance to curb commodity export-driven deforestation. Its executive director, Jack Hurd, said COFCO’s participation will stimulate more Chinese demand for sustainable products. .....See more from Reuters here

China takes nascent steps regarding sourcing sustainable farm products

The Chinese agricultural market is diverse and varied, with a wide range of sustainable farm products being sourcing and imported from around the world. From from grains to soybeans, including fresh fruits and vegetables to meat and dairy products, there is a growing demand in China for high-quality sustainable farm products in agricultural suppliers.

Today, more ever, China determined to achieve “absolute self-sufficiency" in staple grains, reduce the dependency of importing. It is easier said than done and is particularly in conditions of shortage of natural resources.

Therefore, China takes nascent steps regarding sourcing sustainable farm products, suppliers who can provide agricultural grain corn products that meet the strict quality standards and regulations of the Chinese market stand to benefit from this growing demand.

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