Brazil seeks various meat exports to China - Enhancing more meat export proficiencies

Brazil seeks various meat exports to China - Enhancing more meat export proficiencies


Brazil seeks various meat exports to China - Enhancing more meat export proficienciesThe Chinese market is the main buyer of Brazilian agribusiness products, accounting for 35.86% of poultry exports. The Brazilian government's aims to expand trade, especially with China, with emphasis on Brazil's competitiveness in the poultry and swine sectors Brazil seeks various meat exports to China - enhancing more meat export proficiencies.

Brazil Meat was responsible for 14.2% of agribusiness's foreign sales, totalling US$2.13 billion in May 2024, an increase of 2.0% in relation to the US$2.09 billion exported in May 2023. There were records in shipments of three types of meat:

  • Fresh beef: 211.98 thousand tons
  • Fresh chicken meat: 430.26 thousand tons
  • Fresh pork: 91.63 thousand tons

China is Brazil's largest trading partner. It seems logic-focus that Brazil meat target the Chinese market, because there are more than 1.4 billion consumers in the country, which is an enormous number.

In 2023, sales to the Chinese market reached a record $60.24 billion, accounting for 36.2% of Brazil's total agribusiness exports. Additionally, China was the biggest driver of growth in Brazilian agribusiness exports last year, contributing to an increase of $9.53 billion compared to 2022. Look at this recent reporting from AGRIMIDIA

Brazil seeks various meat exports to China - Enhancing more meat export proficiencies

Brazil is set to expand its meat export capabilities to China, according to Agriculture Minister Carlos Fávaro. Speaking at a public hearing held by the Agriculture Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, Fávaro announced that the country is working to increase the number of slaughterhouses qualified to export to China.

Fávaro revealed that upcoming audits by Chinese authorities will assess compliance criteria in groups rather than individually. This streamlined process aims to expedite the approval of more facilities.

In March, the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) authorized a record 38 slaughterhouses in a single round, eyeing to increase Brazil’s animal protein export revenue to China by R$10 billion. However, 32 slaughterhouses could not complete the process due to technical issues...…See more from AGRIMIDIA here

Brazil seeks various meat exports to China - Enhancing more meat export proficiencies

China is one of the main destinations for Brazilian agricultural exports. Recently an important commerce Cooperation event between Brazil and China took place in which, eight intergovernmental instruments were signed, 30 outcomes were announced, and 11 private sector agreements were made across several areas, according to a related report.

China was the main destination for eight Brazil Agriproducts: soybeans, corn, sugar, beef, poultry meat, cellulose, cotton, and pork. At this moment, China takes nascent steps regarding sourcing sustainable farm products, Brazilian exports of agribusiness products could play a significant role in it, obviously sustainable farm products have the dominate potential.

In addition, China has already granted approvals to 38 Brazilian plants simultaneously in 2023, covering 34 slaughterhouses and four cold stores. It is stated in the same report that this was the largest number of approvals granted at once in the history of Brazil-China trade. Along with this granting, about the first quarter 2024 only, Brazil exported $17.09 billion worth of agricultural products to the Chinese market,

Today, with raising meat demand in the Chinese market, Brazil pursues to bring various meat exports to China, as forecasting, there will be more meat to come to China from Brazil in the coming season.

There are related regulations concerning food safety in China, such as: the GACC Decree 249 - Administration Measures on Import and Export Food Safety. Meat exports to China from overseas is under this Decree 249.

More over, GACC Decree 248 - Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the registration and administration of overseas producers of imported food, this Decree was reviewed and passed on March 12, 2021, and come into force on January 1, 2022. applicable to all imported food, meat producers and suppliers are included.