Explanation China’s commodities import regulations for importing your products to China

Explanation China’s commodities import regulations for importing your products to ChinaExplanation China’s commodity import processes regulations for importing your products to China is important, especially for smaller local producers, business owners, and companies fail to import their products to China, because unfamiliar with China’s commodity import processes and related regulations, the import of goods by enterprises with import rights in China is a key for successfully importing your products into China…

Understanding China’s commodity import processes regulations

Understanding China’s commodity import processes and related regulations correctly is the first step for your products enter the Chinese market. Today, the country demands for substantial imported quality products, however, many smaller local producers, business owners, and companies are not familiar or comprehend correctly over China’s commodity import processes, especially to flow the updated interrelated regulations, therefore failed importing their products into China, lost chances to seize Chinese market opportunities.

First, you need to know, to import goods into a country under “general trade”, the greatest advantage is that they can be shipped in large quantities, unlike cross border e commerce where only small amounts are involved.

Second, it’s important to recognize that under the regulations of the General Administration of Customs (GAC) of China, general trade refers to the import or export of goods by enterprises with import export rights in China.

Third, without importing rights put your products at risky hands. You should know not all enterprises or local importers hold a legal import right in China, to reduce your risk, contact reliable Chinese importers and professional import companies in China is very wise step to take.

To avoid get into trouble or difficulties when considering importing your products to China, it is advised for using the various solutions offered by China Chamber service platforms for contacting reliable Chinese importing companies for cross‑border trade in China, by using experienced Chinese importers with legal right to hand importing to China, certainly your products will be landed in the trusted hands, reducing your trade risks.

For instance, producers, traders engaged in the import of general food and beverages to China, to use the services of trade agents to get support over the process of customs clearance of food imports to China. Moreover, traders dealing in the import of expensive commodities can use the specialised Chinese importers’ services available through our Chamber. Such services ensure greater safety and accelerate the pace of delivering the goods to the Chinese market.

Clarification of China’s commodity import related trade agents

Where the import of general food is concerned, in the regulations of the General Administration of Customs (GAC) of China, general trade refers to the import or export of goods by enterprises with import‑export rights in China, the GAC has a several of regulations and supervision policies governing the food industry.

First, foreign enterprises or producers engaged in the production, processing, and storage of food for importing into China must complete the enterprise registration procedures stipulated by GAC.

Secondly, they must also ensure that packaging, labelling, and marking of the imported food comply with China’s laws and regulations, reach national standards for food safety, affix instructions in Chinese, and meet China Customs’ food safety requirements such as inspection and quarantine, before their food products can enter the mainland market for sale.

Thirdly, for food imports failing to meet these requirements may be destroyed, returned, or banned by Customs, which will in turn cause serious loss to the food importer.

It is advisable that food & beverages manufacturers, producers, food traders who want to import their products into China, seeking reputable trade agents to help enhance customs clearance efficiency, because most those trade agents with years of experience in import/export declarations, certainly, holding import licenses to handle food products importing to China, particularly China market demanded agricultural products, dairy, poultry, meats, fishes, olive oils, farmer fresh and frozen, etc.,.

Explanation of China’s commodity import processes related questions 

For those who want to import costly goods into China, particularly, traders want to import expensive commodities into Chinese market, such as jewelry, watches and clocks are often have questions over payment of China import VAT and import tariffs, include complex China customs declarations and clearance procedures; import documents, packing lists and customs inspection, etc.

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