China Business AdvisoryDCCC offers free of charge China business advisory service to those who are doing business with China, visiting our Lists & Reports section or send us your business questions to: 

Our business advises are great assistance for you to begin with, they are useful references for choosing the right Chinese companies with reasonable prices to start your business contacts and negotiations. We helped many (MKB) Dutch companies successful accomplish their doing business with Chinese companies by providing update advises, reliable and useful documents, they all satisfied with our handy and timely Lists & Reports, and use them as a guide for their own business purpose and start doing business  with safer steps. in an addition, The China Chamber provides services to individual business-starters, researchers, university students, institutions and organizations, various topics such as:

  • Looking for Business Agent for Distribution Your Products in China, Where to Find ?
  • How to contact Chinese companies in the Netherlands;
  • What You should Know Beforehand about China Online Payment Safety Issue ?
  • How to Handle Business Disputes with Local Chinese Companies ?
  • How to Check up Chinese Company Trustworthiness ?
  • How to Order Products Online from Chinese Website in Safer Way ?
  • Milk Powder Products Imports Policy in China
  • Special Social Security Policy  toward  Foreigners Working in China
  • Old Age Care Policy & Practice in China
  • Mineral & Raw Material Imports Policy in China
  • Patent, Trade Mark & Intellectual Property Protection Policy in China

The goal of  DCCC business advise is to offer a business stage and platform for those who would like to do business with China, particular for some smaller Dutch business owners (MKBs), they do find certain difficulties to begin with, such as: how to choose the right Chinese company to start with, if they find the right company, how to contact with them, hot to know their reliability in business doing, etc.

Here we offer free advises and give tips on choosing the right sector, the right company, the right product with the right prices, etc. we also help Dutch business individuals to contact with targeted Chinese companies, or targeted China made products that they would like to order, but not sure about their business deal how it goes with the Chinese counterpart, then paying attention to our experts voices is very important and crucial to your business success in doing business with China, you will have some certainty about what you are doing with your money and with your business.