China in NetherlandsChinese companies invested in the Netherlands reached a record 1.1 billion euros ($1.2 billion) in 2014, according to Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, there are more than 300 Chinese companies had set up operations in the Netherlands by the end of 2014. Chinese investment in the Netherlands has seen a strong growth with the trends of raising number of setting up sales and logistic bases in Europe, medium-sized exporters are becoming complete in natural growth, and relatively large-sized Chinese companies are located their European headquarters in the Netherlands to reduce tax constrain(e.g. 20%-25% corporate income tax).

For Chinese companies are preparing to speed up of investment process in the Netherlands, there are a few things you can do: acquire information on adequate insurance covering operate your business at a minimum costs in Europe; disciplined with the local legal system; informed the local market. for more detailed information, please contact with DCCC or email to:

Chinese companies invested in Netherlands

Chinese companies choose the Netherlands as gateway to invest in the Europe, there are more than 370 Chinese companies invested in the Netherlands, according the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency. The Netherlands serves as a starting point that acts as an entrance to Europe, which is captivating Chinese companies to expand as part of the “China go abroad” strategy, The flow of Chinese companies invested in the Netherlands persists in an active process. Economic relations between the Netherlands and China are not limited to trade. A rising number of Chinese companies are active in the Netherlands, of which the parent company is located in mainland China, according to data from CBS, Chinese companies accounted for a total turnover in 2014 of 8.7 billion euros.

Chinese businessmen in Netherlands

Focusing on younger generation Chinese businessmen in the Netherlands, they control of the distribution and retail market which concentrated in the local Dutch market for products made in China. Most of them with certain level of education background, engaging business with their background China trade, imports and exports, speaking understandable Dutch language, they are the main force of Chinese businessmen in the Netherlands.

Chinese business scope in Netherlands

Chinese companies invested in the Netherlands are mostly involved in electronics, industrial engineering, agriculture, food, information and communications technology, and the chemical industry. The government continued with its plans to reorganize the country’s economy, the scope of Chinese outbound investments is changing. In 2014, the Netherlands was the third biggest investment destination for Chinese companies in Europe, after the United Kingdom and Italy, according to New York-based advisory firm Rhodium Group. For four years, China has been the second largest source of investment for the Netherlands.

In addition, there will be more Chinese-Dutch mergers and acquisitions take places which are also expected in agriculture and food, auto parts, and financial services. there are also growing interests in Chinese investment projects in property in the Netherlands, more Chinese companies are forecast to test the waters in real estate in the Netherlands. in the regards, you may need to know who are those Chinese investors, or to get connected. For related assistance, would like to hear from you.

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Netherlands Exports to China

China imports is growing in values in recent years which are measured by imports of services and specific types of goods, such as: food drinks & tobacco, chemical products, raw materials, mineral fuels, various manufactured goods, and machinery & transport equipment.

China imports from the Netherlands and other EU countries are also seeing a solid growth (sources-cbs, eurostat). particularly China’s economic ties with the Netherlands have been strongly strengthened further; What is the significance of China imports for the Dutch/EU national economy?  Related Netherlands exports to China data:

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Dutch Goods Exports to China

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Exports Dutch Machinery & Transport Equipment to China, 2015

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Value Exports to China, 2014

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