China Imports Guide

China Imports Guide

China Imports Guide provides the latest China imports/exports rules and China commercial laws. You can’t export your products from European countries to China successfully without knowing exactly the latest China importing regulations, tax and Duane issues. China Import Guide focuses mainly on EU products exporting to China, EU-China imports rules, and China commercial laws. If you need clear indication in China legal terms about your EU-China related exporting-importing business, email to:

Some European companies would like to export their products to China, and there are Chinese importers and agents designed for handling importing to China. However, there are complicated rules and regulations, tax issues. DCCC China Import Guide provides exactly the right answers for European products exporting to China. please see major China import – export Tax Guide and Trade Regulation below:

Tax Law of the People’s Republic of China & International Tax Guide

  • Deed Tax
  • Customs Duties
  • Stamp Tax
  • Value-added Tax
  • Consumption Tax
  • Service Tax
  • Business Tax
  • Resource Tax
  • Turnover Tax
  • Other Taxes
  • Vehicle and Vessel Tax
  • Compensations
  • Comprehensive Taxation
  • Administration of Tax Levy & Collection
  • DTA Agreements
  • Tax Registration
  • Vehicle and Vessel Usage Tax
  • Import & Export Tax
  • Educational Surcharge
  • Enterprise Income Tax
  • Individual Income Tax
  • Vehicle Acquisition Tax
  • Land Appreciation Tax
  • Urban Real Estate Tax
  • Tax Incentives
  • City Maintenance and Construction Tax
  • Urban & Township Land Use Tax
  • Change from Business Tax into VAT

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