DCCChina.org-servicesDCCC – the organization assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers, distributors for consumers goods, to contact with Chinese companies invested in major European countries, DCCC facilitates local companies discover market opportunities in China. When you need a List of Chinese Importers for your business, or List of Chinese companies invested in the Netherlands, or Germany, Belgian, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, DCCC provides complete database with relevant information concerning the invested companies, and introducing you to a large variety of relevant contacts.

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Even when you are interested in import your products to China, DCCC offer complete and reliable List of Chinese imports to connect you directly with relevant China market. The Chinese importers list aspires to serve as a valuable business decision making tool, it is a resources to explore your market in China. To contact Chinese Importers in China, DCCC is here to assist you to find out the best China business opportunity, see detailed of our services, please visit related sections in our classification or send your questions to: dccchina.org