Wine and beer in China | Alcoholic beverages | Target Chinese market

Alcoholic Beverages in China - Target Chinese MarketDec. 5 – Wine and beer still get broader courtesy in Chinese dining table, new lifestyle trends boost import alcohol beverages. Today, the statistic shows the market value of wine in China was estimated to reach approximately 61.36 billion U.S. dollars in 2018, and the market volume of wine in China was estimated to reach approximately 4.32 billion liters by 2019 according to statista.

Having a Good Drink in China

China has a “Toasting” habits for various reasons during various occasions, wine or beer is common choice for such high times. It sits in human nature for having a good time, be merry. In the past, the Chinese enjoys domestic made drinks with limited sorts. Nowadays, imported drinks available and popular, for some Chinese consumers delight in having a good drinks with imported wine or beer, there is a curiosity involved in, try something new or strange from foreign countries is stimulus. You could say it is changing culture in modern China, but more to the wine and beer themselves, it is the shifting of mentality over what to drink as for having a good times among the modern Chinese consumers. Appreciate alcohol beverages in China has shifting to culture touching, relationship nurturing, having a relaxed fun time. The new generation Chinese are the perfect chasers of having a good time, having a good drink , wine or beer will do, prefer imported wine or beer with different quality and taste, which led to growing import wine and beer alcohol beverages to China.

Low-Alcohol Beverages Is Growing In China

Recent years, Chinese consumers alcohol habits are changing, also demonstrated a rising expansion for healthy consumption in China, needless to say, it is impacting alcohol beverage industry, also alcohol import opportunities to China. Consumption of alcohol is changing, and Chinese consumers demand for healthy liquor products with low alcohol percentage and improved quality healthier drinks, that send clear signals to the wine and beer industry, to innovate new alcohols product should be on the way for getting a fair share of alcohol beverage in China market. Particularly with low-alcohol beer, there is also growing trend in China. This has led beer companies to reduce the level of alcohol while also trying to develop non-alcoholic beer, especially foreign beer groups, or imported alcohol beverages.

Opportunity for International Alcohol Beverages Import to China

Among imported alcohol beverages, red wine brands stands out, there is continuing growing interest for red wine (红酒) among Chinese consumers, which can be witnessed on massive attention to the imported wine in China, red wines still on the rise in China, and red wine has over 80% the market, according to a related report. There are several well performed foreign wine in China, France is the larger importer in term of volume for red wine, Italian sparkling wine had the largest share of volume imported to China, flowing up are Germany, Australia or United States. More important discovery is that in a long run, China market opportunities for alcohol beverages are still on the rise. DCCC– the organization assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers, distributors for Consumers Goods, Food-Beverages. For international alcohol beverages producers, wine or beer imports/exports companies try to discover the market opportunities in China; the List of Chinese Importers for Alcohol Beverages (Wine or Beer) is available. For further information, please email or visit