Small household appliances selling hot in China – Import Focus

Western-style small household appliances selling hot in China - Import FocusOct. 1 – Chinese households play an important role for the growing demand of Western-style small household appliances. With the life style changing of the younger generation Chinese, the sales of small household appliances are lifting up, which occupies a large quantity of the country’s overall electronics market. China has a giant market for the Western-style small household appliances.

The changes in consumer demand for small household appliances in China

Hot selling items – From basic appliances to health-care small appliances, Chinese consumer demand for small appliances is shifting from basic appliances to products that offer better quality of life and convenience as people’s living standards improve. Many new and interesting products have been developed to meet this change. Among these, health-care and Western-style small household appliances have stood out in the competitive market.

Small health-care appliances still gain popularity – China aging population is increasing which has generated considerable business opportunities for small health-care appliances. Also selling hot is new and interesting appliances that let consumers better enjoy the little pleasures of life. Heated computer mouse that keeps one’s hand warm in winter and small table-top air purifier and humidifier are some examples. These creative appliances not only make life easier but have novel and interesting designs that greatly add to the pleasures of life, often those creative small appliances always fall short, and are not available in China market.

The new trends of retail channels in China’s small household appliances market

Physical retail channels – Department stores and chain-operated supermarkets (offline) sales still occupy a dominant position in supply of China’s small household appliances market. They have higher criteria for brand portfolio and favor big European tags over little known or mid- or low-end brands. However, mid- or low-end products with basic and conventional features are selling better and are easier to increase sales volumes.

Online channels – The growing online sales are affecting the performance of conventional physical channels and thus have led to the rearranging of distribution channels. The trend of online sales has been growing at an amazing speed. It has doubled every year in recent years, and online channels greatly lowered the operating cost, the market share of online sales will continue to grow in the years ahead.

Business opportunities for importers in China’s small appliance market

Importing West-style small household appliances to China – There has over 36 million new low-income housing units been built up in recent years in China, and the more to be built in the coming time under the Chinese government plan. The living standard of Chinese people is in the progress of refining day by day which strongly affects the small appliances industry, including producers, importers, distributors and retailers, altogether, China’s small appliances market is booming.

For importers only – West-style small household appliances attract more attention in China, especially to the younger generation Chinese, their purchases are not only for the functionality of the appliances, but for the style as well, they appreciated “beautifully designed” and “refined made” brand products. For the reason of changes in consumers’ preference for modern design, practical functionality and reasonable price, there are opportunities for European importers to expand their business to China market where demand exists for better energy efficiency and hygiene West-style small household appliances. For Directory of Chinese Importers for Small Household Appliances is available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: