The Netherlands New Visa Application Center Opened in Beijing

Jul. 17 – There is no doubt that The Netherlands is not only attractive for the Chinese companies to invest, but also attractive for the Chinese students to study, and tourists to the “Keukenhof”.  Along the development of close ties between the Netherlands and China, there are more and more Chinese people travel to the Netherlands for business, studying and touring.

According to The Netherlands official reporting, there are over 55,000 visa applications per year from Chinese companies, group tourists, and individual travelers, it all be handled by the Netherlands visa application center. Along the increasing demand for Netherlands visa from China, there are some changes in the procedure and method of handling the Netherlands visa applications. Recently a new visa application center for the Netherlands in Beijing opened.

From July 2013 onward, applicants for the Netherlands visa in Beijing will no longer have to apply in person but can either authorize someone to submit the application on their behalf, or – as from the second week in August – apply by post by sending their documents and passport directly to the Netherlands visa application center. In this way of handling visa applications will be more transparent and efficient, it will brings news experience to the visa applicants in Beijing.

Meanwhile, special services will also be offered for accredited companies and travel agencies through Orange and Blue Carpet channels and ADS. In addition, as far as needed, applicants are able to make a short-notice appointment with the visa center, at the same time, there is a telephone line specially for answering visa application related questions, for the convinces of the applicants, the status of the visa applications can be checked through SMS service or online, it is a leap forward steps for both sides- the visa applicant and the visa center.

According to the demand for the Netherlands visa application from different cities in China, and there are two other visa application centers for the Netherlands will soon be open on coming Friday 19 July 2013 in Guangzhou and Shanghai. These two Netherlands visa centers offer their services to all visa applicants in Guangzhou and Shanghai nearby regions with the same high level of support for the visa applicants. “The high service level will give all our visa applicants a unique experience which embodies the transparency, security and efficiency that is standard for the Netherlands’ visa procedures.” According to The Netherlands Ambassador Jacobi to Beijing in his opening words. More information: Opening of Beijing visa center.