The elderly care industry and market in China 2016-2019

The elderly care industry and market in China Aug. 31 – The elderly care industry in China is one of the most active spot for companies engaging in health care business, the elderly care and health industry presents a booming and sound development momentum in China right now, to draw on international experience to build a bigger and stronger health care industry is in urgent demand in China. The elderly care industry is the lucrative areas of investment.

One in three people in China will be aged over 65 by 2050 according to the China’s National Statistics Bureau. How to care those aging peoples? The China market is hungry for some actual solutions to this problem. Nowadays, the elderly care services industry is facing changing position in China; the market for elderly care services has become particularly eye-catching and favorable. Elderly care is expected to surpass real estate as China’s largest industry within next 10-15 years, and is estimated to be worth RMB 1.8 trillion by 2020 and RMB 7.6 trillion by 2050.

However, mostly China’s elderly care industry is still in its initial stages and deficiencies the know-how, expertise skill and groundwork that exists in developed markets. There is an enormous gap therefore be present in China’s urban high end market for elderly care services which foreign senior care operators are at the right time, and in the right place to plug in, and to prove their approaches to China elderly care challenges, to promote the building of a healthy China and continue to enhance health benefits to the Chinese people.

The elderly care is the most emerging industries in China, under the considerations of cultural gap, young labour group and uncertain regulations, how to gets off the ground for FDI in China elderly care business is not so easy. There is an enormous need for a successful elder care business model in China to emerge. The most beneficial market chance, serving China’s middle class as they urgent seek to cost-effectively respect their parents and grandparents by providing personalized care which remains the most undersized and immature market segment. Meanwhile, some foreign related companies or business eager to evolve in the pharmaceutical, medical devices and senior care service sub-sectors. Prior to market entry, China’s Elderly Care Services Industry Report 2016-2019 is available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: