Targets China market for food beverage exports – Opportunities for exporters

Targets China market for food beverage exports - Opportunities for food exportersSep.15 – As China’s development continues at a rapid pace, flocks of foreign foods, especially protein rich agricultural products have found their way to China market, targets China market for food exports, there are chances for international food exporters to take their business to the next level by engaging with China market, and connecting to Chinese importers of food and beverage.

With raising income and life style changing, health, quality and variety foods are in obvious in demand. For many foreign foods companies and producers, China has therefore proven to be a welcome opportunity. These opportunities lie mostly in the agricultural products – nuts, beans, food and beverage sector which is the main category and the focuses of most Chinese importers. The best popular imported foreign food products in China this year is dominated by food & beverage 23%. While many of the foreign-produced foods and beverage in cities like Beijing and Shanghai make the newspaper headlines, most opportunities these days are in fact found in the fast-growing lower-tier and inland cities. Many of these cities’ market like to distinguish themselves by selling imported, eye-catching foreign food and beverage. The international allure of a foreign food adds even more prestige to the market, therefore targets China market for food exports, there are prospects for food and beverage exporters.

In recent years, this has led to a boost Chile cranberry exports to China, according to the country’s ambassador to Beijing, Jorge Heine. “In China, the cranberry is something new. Nevertheless, the Chinese consumer values its nutritional value, health benefits and status as an ‘exotic’ fruit and its great potential are betting on this fruit which are considered the tart red berry is packed with vitamins A and C, and phytonutrients that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The ultimate period for buying imported food and beverage in China is during the highest holiday’s season, such as the Lunar New Year celebrations and National Day Festival in October, since the Chinese traditionally present each other with gifts of food and beverage, imported brands are best welcome. Chile’s agricultural and forestry exports to the Asian giant have grown 471 percent to reach $2.439 billion in 2015, according to an August 2016 report from the Ministry of Agriculture. Targets China market for agricultural food exports, there are certainly having ventures for food companies and exporters.

Imported health foods are doing very well in China in 2016, lots of Chinese consumers rush for high-quality imported foods, especially the breakfast cereal with dried fruit and nuts has been on the must-buy list of Chinese consumers, its price is about triple that of other oatmeal, moreover, top-quality snacks are priced relatively higher, and many Chinese consumers believe that the imported food is better because it is fresh and healthful. excellence, authenticity, and originality play an important role for shaping buying decisions now in China. Chinese consumers are willing to pay more for a high-quality food and beverage products.There are about 225 million middle class people and another 60 to 70 million upper class people in China, the rising demand to the increasing purchasing power of middle and upper classes in China is the main target of food and beverage importing companies,targets China market for food beverage exports has been trending, opportunities for food manufactures, producers and exporters opening wider.

Considered as a whole, for the imported food and beverage in China presents a mixed package of opportunities and restrictions, however, the strong interest in foreign food and beverage, and a ready market remains in China. Foreign food and beverage are reputed for quality, freshness and – importantly – the use of green technology. As China continues to struggle with pollution, the government is frantically exploring ways to move toward a more environmentally sustainable growth model for food and beverage. For those international food and beverage companies look for importing contacts or agents in China, there is a China Agricultural Products – Nuts and Beans Market Report, 2016-2019 is also available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: