Soybeans import to China – Chinese market soybeans statistics

Chinese soybeans importers Jul. 9 – China soybeans huge market is in great demand for soybeans import. Chinese importers of soybeans are linking soybeans suppliers to China. Soybeans have always been desirable agricultural products that China most imported. As the soybean supply in China depends on imports, the Chinese soybeans importers have never been as busy as now.

Soybeans and China Soybeans Market

Soybeans, which are also known as soya beans, are a species of legume that has become one of the most widely consumed foods in the world. They are extremely useful for human health and they are easy to cultivate as well. China has the biggest population; China is the world’s biggest oil-seed processor too. Currently, this soybeans market is obviously depends on import from other countries which build up both the import volume and import value accounted for more than 1/3 of those of the domestic soybeans. The world’s second big economic entity transferred from the largest producing country to the importing domain. According to a related report estimating that the Chinese market continues to increase the demand for soybeans, and the production volume of the domestic soybeans lean towards no sign of potential growth, China soybeans import volume will keep growing in the foreseeable next few years.

Why are Soybeans so Attractive in China?

Due to soybeans nutrition benefits, such as: improve metabolic activity, healthy weight gain, boost heart health, boost digestion, improve bone health, improve circulation, etc., Most Chinese have the habit of taking cooking soybeans when eating, soybeans has become one of the most widely consumed foods in China. According experts that soybeans are extremely useful for human health and they have become wildly important and popular in recent decades because of the rise in soy food’s popularity, including soy milk and textured vegetable protein. The high levels of protein make these soy products an ideal protein source for vegetarians and the variety of soy products has created a massive new market altogether. One of the reasons soybeans are widely imported to China is because Chinese family are habituated to apply soybean oil and peanut oil for their cooking, baking or frying dishes with soybeans cooking oil, it is Chinese traditional cooking oil as well. Furthermore, soybeans are contained more protein, packed with other essential nutrients, making them extremely important for Chinese people on diets, at this moment, Chinese citizen have the means to take a good care of their health and nutrition in foods choices, soybeans products became one of welcome foods for those who need to improve their overall health, and vegetarians and vegans throughout China. Therefore why are soybeans so attractive in China that is so obvious to increasing import soybeans to China market?

Chinese Importers for Soybeans

According to a related report that the annual production volume of soybeans is estimated to be lower than 13 million tons in China in recent years. However, as the economy develops and the living standards increase in China, the annual demand for soybeans keeps rising, exceeding 100 million tons in 2017. Obviously, the home-grown soybeans cannot satisfy the domestic market demand, so China has to import numerous soybeans every year. In 2017, the import volume of soybeans in China totaled 95.535 million tons, increasing by 13.85% YOY. The import value reached USD 39.62 billion, increasing by 16.63% YOY. As the soybean supply in China depends on imports, Chinese importers for soybeans are closely related to the import soybeans to China. As stated before that estimated statistics indicates that as the demand for soybeans in the Chinese market continues to increase, and there is no growth potential for the production volume of the domestic soybeans, the import volume will keep growing in the next few years. For the Chinese market soybean demand, soybeans import and export in China and particularly for the List of Chinese Imports for Soybeans Products available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: