Soft drinks China market | import soft drinks to China | Chinese importers

Soft drinks China market | import soft drinks to China | Chinese importersFeb. 21 – Soft drinks China market present ever growing opportunities for imports soft drinks to China. In recent years, China’s demand for foreign soft drinks is significantly increasing which led international producers become dependent on the sales generated in China market. Chinese intake of European food and beverages is growing fast which represents the highest growth of any other import category in China.

Soft drinks China market

Soft drink China market is rapidly expanding, nowadays, soft drinks in China is popular and convenience drink among all drinks, alongside with bottled water drink which sold at every possible locations in China. Soft drinks are also widely available at fast food restaurants, movie theaters, convenience stores, casual dining restaurants, dedicated soda stores, and bars from soda fountain machines. Soda fountain drinks are typically served in paper or plastic disposable cups in the first three venues. In casual dining restaurants and bars, soft drinks are often served in glasses. Soft drinks are available in many formats, including cans, glass bottles, and plastic bottles. Constant value growth for soft drinks in China driven by the quickened pace and steady demand. Currently, the revenue rate is over 30% despite the high segmentation and competition in the Chinese market. The Soft drinks beverage market in China is expected to become the biggest worldwide this year according to a related report. The potential growth of the beverage industry in China is, as a result, among the highest worldwide. The size of the Chinese Soft drinks beverage market has led importers, international beverage business to think through China as an essential market for their business expansion and imports/exports strategies.

Soft drinks classification in China

How to define soft drinks among all beverage drinks? What’s the grouping of soft drinks? Experts explain that soft drinks are called “soft” in contrast with “hard” alcoholic beverages. Small amounts of alcohol may be present in a soft drink, but the alcohol content must be less than 0.5% of the total volume if the drink is to be considered non-alcoholic. Fruit punch, tea, and other such non-alcoholic beverages are technically soft drinks by this definition but are not generally referred to as such. A soft drink is a drink that typically contains carbonated water (although lemonades, among others, are usually not carbonated), a sweetener, and a natural or artificial flavoring. The sweetener may be sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, fruit juice, sugar substitutes (in the case of diet drinks), or some combination of these. Soft drinks may also contain caffeine, colourings, preservatives, and other ingredients. in China, Soft drink is defined as either manmade or natural drinks that contain alcohol less than 0.5% in mass. Soft drinks are put in the following categories in China: Carbonated drinks, like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Fanta, Mirinda, and 7-Up. Fruit juice drinks, like Huiyuan(汇源),Guolicheng(果粒橙). Vegetable juice drinks, like Nongfuguoyuan(农夫果园).

Import hybrid soft drinks to China

Because hybrid soft drinks products are progressively more popular among all soft drinks in China, statistics indicated that hybrid beverages were increasingly popular in 2016 in China market, due to hybrid soft drinks combining water with fruit juice, etc., particularly under the convenience, health trends, hybrid soft drinks target young Chinese consumers, mostly students at all age groups in China. furthermore, driven by rigid demand of Chinese consumers’ essentials for both health and flavor, 100% pure juice, bottled drinking water, sports and energy drinks are estimated in faster pace growing than the average for soft drinks overall in the coming period. What import procedures you go through in China related port, and what key documents you must possess in order to bring your soft drinks business to China? Those are questions in the mind of most imports/exports companies. Soft drinks are different with water drinks import to China, the ingredients of soft drinks are various sorts, and their functions are varying too. when you prepare taking your soft drinks business to China, taking the Chinese consumers interests into considerations, one thing is for certain, you must keep in line with Chinese government related rules and regulations. To know more about the specific processes of import soft drinks to China, and there is a List of Chinese Importers for Soft Drinks in China available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: