Soft drink China market 2020 | Chinese importers for soft beverages

List of Chinese Imports for Soft DrinksMar. 5 – China market for soft drinks mainly focus on Bottled water, fruit and vegetable juices and protein drinks, according to statista, China: Revenue in the Soft Drinks segment in 2020 amounts to US$39330m. The market is expected to grow annually by 8.7% (CAGR 2020-2023). China has one of the biggest bottled water markets in the world, and it is expected to reach 49 million tons of total annual consumption by 2020.

China is One of the Top Global Markets for Soft Drinks

The Chinese market for typical soft drinks focus on bottled mineral water, fruit and vegetable juices and popular protein drinks. Water is basic daily drink, and tea is next to water the most enjoyed classic beverages in China. More than two-thirds of the Chinese people drink tea daily. Soft Drinks in China enjoying higher growth rates driven by a shift in volume consumption away from high-sugar beverages towards healthier options. China is one of the top global markets for soft drinks. The market segment Soft Drinks covers all types of water-based Non-Alcoholic Drinks with added sugar. This includes Carbonated Soft Drinks like cola, lemonade and energy and sports drinks on the one hand, and Non-Carbonated Soft Drinks like fruit nectars, fruit juice drinks, flavored water and ready-to-drink (RTD) tea and coffee on the other. While Carbonated Soft Drinks have been on the wane for quite some time now as health-oriented consumers shift to low-sugar diets, smaller segments of Non-Carbonated Drinks like RTD tea and coffee especially have taken up some of this slack. The most important brand manufacturers in the Soft Drinks category are the Coca-Cola Corporation, PepsiCo, Suntory, Red Bull and Keurig Dr Pepper, those key brands Soft Drinks are all present in the Chinese market.

Soft Drinks is One of Top Drinks in China

Beverages with alcohol content of less than 0.5% are categorized as soft drink in China. In addition to bottled water, other beverages such as soda drinks, carbonated beverages, fruit and vegetable beverages, tea, coffee beverages, milk, etc. are all the most valued and appreciated top drinks among Chinese consumers. Mineral Water – China has one of the biggest bottled mineral water markets in the world, and Chinese consumers shakeup bottled water consumption, it is expected to reach 49 million tons of total annual consumption in 2020, according to a related China report. Tea nowadays, the most sound classic basic drinks in China also experienced changes, from the selection of tea ingredients, to achieve the ideal results of tea tastes, then to health benefit, various newly designed style tea drinks are growing attraction, such as: bottled tea, (probably, from bottled water get inspiration), milk tea, fruits tea, etc., tea drinks are undergoing a moderation process in China with creativity and , benefit health is the main focus of creativity with tea beverage products. There are teas drinks are made by pure tea, fresh milk and mixed with various fruits. They pay more attention to the quality and drinking result toward benefit health. Coffee originally is not Chinese thing of drink. But globalization makes sense for many changes took places in China. Chinese people starts to sip coffee is one of obvious phenomenal changes with soft drinks in China. There are such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee, even bottled espresso, convenience store coffee and Luckin coffee, are all left the horizon and up on the higher rise. coffee culture is progressively growing within the social context in China with the meaning of European ideals for socializing, entertaining, partying, meet people and hang out with friends and co-workers keeping contact. Fruit Juice – with Fruit Juice category, among others, orange juice is the largest category of the fruit juice market in China. Pure juice is the growth point of juice consumption in China. The trend of soft drinks consumption has been shifting in China, there is a clearer tendency toward healthy and keeps fit, and growing care over the quality related ingredients, prefer natural, organic and green. Chinese consumers have progressively attention and high requirements for drinks; ‘healthy, natural and functional’ fruit juice is the trend of consumption.

Quality Soft Drinks Import to China Continually By Chinese Importers

Soft drinks occupy a key position among all beverages in China, the China soft drinks market is growing bigger, with growing numbers of Chinese consumers embracing a more active and healthy lifestyle, quality soft drinks is still imported to China by Chinese importers. With value added of soft drinks changing on the way, more natural ingredient, more carbon-based, pure organic juices to benefit health contains a great market future. The soft drink segment encompasses Carbonated Soft Drinks like lemonades, cola-beverages or energy and sports drinks as well as Non-Carbonated Soft Drinks like Ready-to-Drink teas or nectars. The total market value is expected to reach more than US$835 billion by 2023 with Non-Carbonated. Soft drinks occupy a key position among all beverages in China, the market for soft drinks or non-alcoholic drinks is structured into retail sales for at home /out-of-home consumption that covers all retail sales via super- and hypermarkets, convenience stores or similar sales channels. Including HORECA encompasses all sales to hotels, restaurants, catering, cafés, bars and similar hospitality service establishments.

Today, the country’s soft beverages segment amounts to US$39330m in 2020. Parallel to this growth is one of the biggest bottled water markets in the world; China’s rapidly expanding bottled water market, which is projected to hit 49 million tons of total annual consumption in 2020, according to statista. Currently, quality soft drinks are still imported to China by Chinese importers. For soft beverages producers, soft drinks imports/exports companies attempt to seek China market opportunities, DCCC provides the List of Chinese Importers for Soft Beverages Products available, for further information. Please contact DCCC- the organization assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers, distributors for Consumers Goods, Food-Beverages. Email or visit