Snack food | high protein snack food enjoy stable growth in China market

Chinese Importers for Snack FoodNov. 29 – China’s healthy snack food market sources indicate that China’s high protein snack food segment will grow at an average annual rate of 10-15%, from RMB260 billion in 2016 to RMB400 billion in 2021. Also, healthier lifestyle reshapes the position of the high protein snack food consumption in China, High protein snack food in China relish constant evolution and growing in recent years.

Rich Protein & High Energy Snack Food China Market

Richer protein snack food China market is expanding with mind shifting, Chinese consumers’ mind-set about health snack food is gradually shifting from being seen as luxury goods to ordinary consumer products. The sales of foreign brands snack food in the Chinese market has continued to grow in recent years. Today, a varieties of snacks food are available to the Chinese consumers on the market, according to a related report indicates that. Among the different types of snacks, “roasted nuts and seeds” stand out, it is the best welcome protein rich, high energy snack food with highest sale frequency in China market. However, noticeable phenomenon is that the overall consumption of most types of snack food has also increased in China. With raising health awareness, protein rich with snack food is the top priority for Chinese consumers which the market is still expanding.

Thriving Middle Class Reshapes high Protein Snack Food Consumption in China

Chinese consumers, particularly the younger generations’ mind-set about healthy snack food is gradually shifting from being seen as luxury goods to ordinary daily consumer food products, and healthier lifestyle also reforms the consumption with protein rich snack food in China. The sales of foreign brands snack food, predominantly with richer protein and high energy snack food in the Chinese market has continued growing in recent years. A thriving middle class is the main consumer driving force behind growing consumption of snack food which reshapes the position of high protein snack food in the Chinese market. Moreover, for some time till now, Chinese consumer have the tendency to prefer imported quality snack food, which encourage more high protein snack food products imports to China.

More High Protein Snack Food Import to China is Unavoidable Reality to Come

China shift to a consumption- and services-driven economy is well-announced Chinese government develop strategy recently. According to a related report indicates that China is ready to buy goods around the world, in the coming decade, household consumption will grow by an average 6% annually to reach RMB 56 trillion ($8.2 trillion), powered by a middle class that will expand to represent an estimated 65% of households. The enormous market potential and opportunities in China’s health food segment would not only induce more players in the snack food industry to undergo transformation, but also offer promising chances for snack food enterprises breaking out of their current situation. Moreover, given existing China market capabilities, plus growing numbers of senior citizens, high protein snack food have an edge in moving into a new period of higher demand in China. The rapid entry of foreign health food is bound to shift to the market landscape. Multinational health snack food enterprises generally have greater advantages in terms of brands, sales of foreign brands high protein snack food in the Chinese market will only continuing to grow in coming years that more high protein snack food import to China is unavoidable reality to come soon. It is the hard reality that more than billions Chinese to account for food and drink daily in China, there is insufficient supply for feeding such huge crowd, import from other countries to China is unavoidable alternative. For international snack food producers, snack foodstuff imports/exports companies, the List of Chinese Importers for Snack Food available upon request, contact with DCCC– the organization assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers, distributors for consumers goods, email to: