Sell beer to China: Australia’s “brewery of the year” goes lucrative market

Sell beer to China - Australia's “brewery of the year” goes to Asia most lucrative market May 5 – China beer market is growing into multibillion dollar business, imported beer gain more attraction,Chinese millennials make-up an important part of beer drinking age groups, China beer market is move into a bright period, sell beer in China since last year was the persistent upsurge within mid-priced and premium brands. Chinese beer importers focus on affordable premium brands.

Recently, one of Australia’s most popular beer companies announced on Friday that their product will soon be sold into China. Little Creatures products brewed in Geelong, 75 km southwest of Melbourne, will be exported into Asia in an attempt to harness the lucrative Chinese market.

In addition to exporting their beer, the company also intends to open a series of bars in major cities such as Shanghai. The company has already opened a successful brew bar in Hong Kong. Matt Tapper, a marketing spokesman for Little Creatures, said there are huge opportunities for the brand in China. “We hope this deal… will accelerate Little Creatures growth to become one of the leading craft beer brands in China,” Tapper told News Limited on Friday.

Little Creatures is owned by Lion, Australia’s second biggest beer company, which is in turn owned by Japan’s Kirin Company. Research published in 2015 found that more than 25 billion liters of beer were consumed in China every year, more than double the amount consumed in the U.S. ‘Little Creatures’ already has some market penetration in China, having launched a successful pop-up bar on Dagu Road in Shanghai in early 2017.

The brand also took part in Austrade’s inaugural craft beer road show in March. Little Creatures was named the brewery of the year at the Vintage Cellars Best of Awards in April as well as winning the best craft beer for their Dog Days Summer Ale. “It is a nice little pat on the back and recognition for our team and all the hard work they do day in and day out making the beers we love,” Little Creatures brewer Russ Gosling said in April. “When we found out we won, it was high fives all ’round and a well-earned pint at the end of the day.”

With growing China beer market, there are different international breweries and beverage imports/exports companies are tapping into the Asian the most attractive arena, some beer breweries even try to make specific tastes to suit Chinese customers. Nevertheless, premium beer is a key in China market. As it was mentioned above, beer market in China is the fastest growing in the world; however, experts indicate that foreign producers are still struggling to enter Chinese market. For the List of Chinese Importers for Foreign Beer in China available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: