Russia food exports to China is growing – scope broaden – Chinese importers

Russia bottled mineral water and wine to ChinaJul. 5 – Russia food exports to China is growing, Chinese importers of packaged food and beverages has never been as hectic as now. China to become the largest importer of Russian food and beverages, and Russia shipped some US$1.13 billion worth of food and drinks products to the Chinese mainland, with the amount of Russia’s leading food and drink producers, the scope is broadening further.

Russia Major Export Categories to China

Frozen fish represents the largest single category of Russia’s exports to the mainland. Once imported, they are then processed into fish sticks and similar products. Soya is the next largest import, followed by sunflower oil and soya oil, all of which are widely used in the mainland’s food-processing industries. As well as these relatively common items, food and drink exports to the mainland also include a number of products that are not traditionally associated with Russia.

Wine and Bottled Mineral Water stand out

Wine and mineral water in particular are another export sector that is developing rapidly. Among others, the large triumph with mainland consumers seems to be Russian ice cream. Until recently, the product was only available in Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces, but deliveries are now also made to Beijing and Shanghai. Given the popularity of this particular export, plans are in place to begin widespread distribution of a number of Russia’s traditional dairy desserts.

Chinese Importers is Bridging Trade to Expand between Russia and China

China is the top importer of Russian food exports at this moment, according to related statistics reporting, Russia food exports to China is even further growing, and the scope of the food and beverages import into China are broadening, meanwhile Chinese importers of packaged food play a key role. In the future, trade in foodstuffs between Russia and China is set to expand further. This follows approval for meat originating in Russia to be distributed across China. A similar agreement has been reached with Russian poultry imports. Chinese importers and distributors act as bridge for a wide range of Russian food and drink products. In particular, there are thought to be excellent prospects with regard to bottled mineral water, frozen meat, dairy, and wine, chocolate. For those companies who are interested in China market, please contact with DCCC, or email to: