Pet food Chinese market growing | How to import pet food into China?

pet food Chinese importersJun. 15 – Dogs and cats are the most popular pets in China. Dogs and cats’ food Chinese market is growing unprecedented due to tens of millions of Chinese have registered pet dogs, the number of pet owners is continuing on the rise that opening opportunities for companies looking to expand pet food business in China market which leads Asia-Pacific at this moment.

Pet Food in China

Pet ownership was branded as bourgeois in China in the past. Nowadays, with the country’s growing middle class, increased disposable income, and aged loneliness that causing more people seeking companionship from pets, pet ownership has skyrocketed in China. According to a related report, there are more dog owners (80%) than cat owners (20%) in China; Pet food generally are located in specialized retailers (80%) than mass merchants (20%); There are three types of pet food specialty retail channels in China: hypermarkets, pet shops, and vet clinics; Cat and dog food remain the largest consumption in China pet food market, dog food dominates the China pet food market; Dry pet food is almost 80% among all types pet food (treats & wet) in China which predominates the market, for 75% of dog food sales takes places in the two largest cities-Shanghai and Beijing.

Pet Food Chinese Market Growing

Pet food market in China continues to perform strongly due to the increasing number of domestic pet owners, especially elderly owners in Chinese bigger metropolitan cities, as NBS China statistics specifies that approximately 61% of the 65+ age group live with a pet, dogs and cats are the most popular pets in China. The key facts about China’s pet food market as pet food industry related report further indicates that China is the third largest dog-owning market globally, with 27.4 million dogs (behind the US with 55.3 million dogs and Brazil with 35.7 million), and the second largest cat-owning country with 58.1 million cats, behind only the US with 80.6 million. In the two largest local pet food markets Shanghai/Beijing, both cities have more than 1.5 million dogs and 700, 000 cats. That means almost 11% of the families in Shanghai/Beijing own a pet dog. China pet food market gain momentum which open up opportunities, driving international players eye on China, and start to move into China’s rapidly growing pet food market, even further developing sales strategies of pet food in China market.

How to Import Pet Food into China?

There are crucial steps for importing pet food into China. Understanding the Chinese government policies related to importing pet food into China is the key for international pet food producers, pet food imports/exports companies to import pet food into China, there are several related main entities in dealing with pet food imports issues in China: Pet Food Administrative Agency & Regulations; Inspection and Quarantine Registration of Import Pet Food; Registration of Pet Food in China. According to China related regulations indicate that when applying for registration of feed and feed additive imports, the applicant must submit true, complete and standardized application materials (completed in duplicate in both English and Chinese languages) together with product samples to the Ministry of Agriculture. The application materials include the following application requirements: Applicants must provide the following documents (in both English and Chinese and, unless otherwise specified, provide the original and one photocopy, with the English original issued by the manufacturer) together with product samples.

China’s pet food market leads Asia-Pacific at this moment, and is continue growing. This creates further business opportunities for companies in these sectors in China market, and it is time for international pet food companies looking at China pet food market, and import pet food into China. For international pet food producers, pet food importers, and exporters, the List of Chinese Importers for Pet Food available upon request, contact with DCCC– the organization assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers, distributors for consumers goods, email to: