New coffee sensations in China – Incredible coffee market opportunities

incredible Chinese coffee market opportunitiesJul. 19 – China coffee market offers incredible business opportunity for international coffee sector. According to a related reporting that’s revealed from both statistics of growing sales of households coffee machines and rising regular number of coffee consumption of Chinese customers. Our report at DCCC has previously revealed Coffee in China new trends with Chinese coffee importers as well.

China New Coffee Sensations Begins With “about the Show”

As Chinese metropolitan have embraced Western café drinking habits and streamed its practice of sophistication for coffee, a unique phenomenon is happening on the Mainland, the hot coffee has entered the daily life for many inner-city Chinese in seemingly quiet way in recent years. You don’t see huge adverting efforts, but you see the increasing enjoyable drinkers taken cups of hot coffee in Cafes situated in Beijing, Shanghai, etc. Chinese consumers are “more open to consuming coffee in trendy comfortable café” as Chinese experts indicates. Simultaneously, making coffee at home has entered many households in the inner-cities which are now formed as a part of the daily routine for many younger urban residents in particular. Although a majority of Chinese consumers don’t have the education to tell the difference between a cup of specialty coffee and a regular cup as a related reporting indicates. However, it’s not only about the taste of the coffee, but also about the taste of the place when sit-downs for a cup of coffee. It’s about to be in a place, it’s about the show, in this huge Chinese coffee market there is space for everyone.

Cafés Saloons and Households Used Coffee Machines Sale Well in China

Café chains and households are the primary consumers of coffee machines in China, according to data of China market research center. Café bars and home use still account for majority of the coffee machine market in China. The data further displayed that in China, commercial use accounts for more than half of all coffee consumption, with coffee chains taking up the lion’s share at around 38% and F&B following with a 16% market share. 35% of the market, second highest, is made up by household coffee consumption, while the office segment makes up the lowest percentage at 11%. However, café bars and household used coffee machine are occupied dominant sale position in China while foreign brands still lead the coffee machine market in China. Among others, fully automatic coffee machines and capsule machines on the top of the sales for individual use, according to a related China report.

Opportunities for Importing Coffee and Coffee Machines to China

China coffee market is offering a considerable growth opportunity, particular niches for coffee and coffee machines imports to China. Many chances in China coffee sector are rising high at present and near future, according to a related China reporting. Both importing coffee and coffee machines to China are not separated chains niches. As China market insiders point out that the coffee machine market in China is still a blue ocean with Chinese household coffee consumption is thriving. The unique niches in getting into China coffee sector are so obvious. First, China needs to import more coffee; Second, China needs to import fully automatic coffee machines and capsule machines into China. Particularly with China 2017 tax laws create better business environment for domestic and foreign brands alike in coffee businesses. Tariff Department of the Ministry of Finance in China (国家财政部关税司) reduced the tariff on 187 imported goods, including foreign coffee machines from 32% to only a 10% import duty. This is the unique chance to expand coffee business into China market. For those companies engaged in coffee, or coffee machines related products, this China coffee market potential presents substantial opportunities for coffee products or coffee machine companies concentrating on toward the inside the Chinese market. For China Coffee Machines Market Report Demand and Supply 2018-2023 available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: