Dutch Companies in Trading with Shenzhen-Some Complains

Jul. 3 – There are substantial Dutch (MKB) companies have business experiences with Shenzhen. Some of them do have set-backs with Shenzhen private companies with limited liability. DCCC as supporting organ between Dutch Chinese companies witnessed quite a lot business complains from Dutch companies in trading with Shenzhen.

The complains mainly come from some of Netherlands MKB companies who are trading with Shenzhen private companies. The problem with these companies is that they are conducting their business through the source of Shenzhen website. The challenge part of this way of trading with Shenzhen companies is that if the website information is not reliable, you put your business in risks.

These days, Netherlands doing business with china, especially with Shenzhen through website is common, but with risks – Not only language barriers, but long distance is also extra barriers. If something gone wrong, you couldn’t easily get through. For those Dutch companies who are trading with Shenzhen companies through website info have gotten enough troubles. Some of them bring their complains to DCCC for solution, some of them got lawyers through legal process. It is a time, energy consuming and mental stressful process.

The complains focus on the reliability and trustworthy of the Shenzhen private companies. There are several reasons for that: By visiting the websites of Shenzhen private company, you could hardly get confidence to trust its company’s business info; There is no any local commercial registration number on the its web in the local for further business reliability’s check-up; Lack of most necessary business info., company’s history ; email address, etc. There are no sufficient clarity between making products for others and producing its own products with its own design. The Dutch companies complain mainly are included:

  • After the payment transfer done, there is no any products delivered;
  • No matter how you try to contact with Chinese suppliers, there is no phone picked, no email replied;
  • The Chinese Shenzhen company is disappeared after receiving the payment from Netherlands company;
  • The quality of the products is changed without informing the Netherlands Company, led to some trade argument or disagreement over the payment.

Why so many challenges in trading with Shenzhen private companies? There is a catch. Shenzhen is one of China established “special economic zones” (SEZs) in early 1980. Later on the Shenzhen economic development is flourishing, setting up private company is fashion in Shenzhen, and private companies are like mushrooms, growing quick and wild long internet users in business. In turn Shenzhen is known as trading city by “made in China” around the world, you could find almost any products “made in China” sale in Shenzhen. These days, it’s called E-business. Shenzhen is third container port in Asia and throughout the growth of container traffic remains higher than the world average.

It’s not surprise that some of Netherlands MKB companies are trading with Shenzhen, some got handful good lucks with truck load fortune, and some got trouble with resentments, and vowed never to do with Shenzhen companies anymore. The best warning we could give is that you careful check-up the Shenzhen Company before place any order. Do not be discouraged by some rotten eggs in doing business with Shenzhen.

Recently Shenzhen signed collaboration agreement with Netherlands Almere (as part of the Amsterdam region). Almere will attract more foreign investments to create more jobs for the younger workforce in the region. Of course you could see this is a sign of relationship between Shenzhen and Almere, but you will see more Chinese investments in Almere take place in the coming years. At this moment, the number of Chinese investment abroad grew by 20% to achieve during these five months. $ 34 billion. According to China statistics reporting. For the complete guide to “How to Check-up Reliability of Shenzhen Companies” available upon request, contact with DCCC, or mail to: info@dccchina.org