Imported Kazakhstan beef arrived in Beijing | Meat suppliers to China market

Imported Kazakhstan beef arrived in BeijingFeb. 11 – Beef just as pork get into the main stream of China meat imports. In the Chinese meat market, pork making way for the growth of beef imports.The demand of Chinese consumers for meat products rising high, despite pork is the favorite, and more pork imported to China. However, beef China imports catches up substantially, beef China imports overtakes pork China imports at this moment.

Meat has Becoming the Second Largest Sector in China’s Retail Food Market

It is a hard fact that the Chinese market is increasing demand for animal protein rich, and healthier, higher quality meat products [chill or frozen], such as pork, beef, mutton [pork, beef , lamb, chicken, ham and veal, etc., within China’s retail food market, meat products has always occupied an important position. Now the category of meat has becoming the second largest sector, just right next to the fresh vegetables sector. The food China market includes all processed foods which have been prepared or preserved in some way. The four highest sales volumes are seen in the following segments: Meat Products, Dairy Products, Baked Goods and Confectionery. Food statista market estimates that China revenue in the Food market amounts to US$527,268m in 2020. The market is expected to grow annually by 3.6% (CAGR 2020-2023); The China’s market largest segment is the segment Meat Products & Sausages with a market volume of US$92,962m in 2020.

Beef from Kazakhstan’s Suppliers to Beijing Market

With the help of China CITIC Bank Corp Ltd, the Xinfadi Agricultural Products Wholesale Market in Beijing imported 60 metric tons of beef from Kazakhstan and will conduct a large volume of trade business with the Central Asian country in the long run. The first container carrying 20 tons of beef has already entered the Xinfadi market to ensure the beef supply in Beijing. It is expected that the market will import 5,000 tons of fresh meat from Kazakhstan annually and will carry out cooperation in upstream areas such as animal husbandry, fattening operations and slaughtering, said Zhang Yuxi, chairman of the market, at a ceremony marking Beijing’s first beef import from Kazakhstan on Monday. “We are looking forward to more Kazakh agricultural products to come into Xinfadi and the Chinese markets,” Zhang said. Supplying 90 percent of agricultural products in Beijing, the Xinfadi market had a trade turnover of 131.9 billion yuan ($19.2 billion) last year.

China imported more than 18 tons of beef from Kazakhstan for the first time in August, via the land port of Horgos in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, after China lifted the foot-and-mouth disease related ban on imports of beef of Kazakh origin. “Up to now, four Kazakh beef production companies were allowed by the General Administration of Customs to export to China … We will further promote the Chinese administration to include more Kazakh beef exporters on its white list,” said Tursyn Kabduldanov, deputy chairman of the committee of veterinary control and supervision at Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Agriculture. Liu Jiangping, an official from China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the two countries have established close cooperation in trading agricultural commodities including wheat, soybean, beef and mutton.

How to Connect with Chinese Meat Importers?

It’s needless to say that for any meat producers in Europe or larger global meat manufacturers, export meat products is the main business, and to keep contact with meat importers is a absolutely critical, without such necessary imports/exports links, the meat trading is simply at a standstill. Today, China is facing certain challenges in supplying various quality meat products, China market is opening wider for global meat producers and manufactures, and China imports more food and beverages, and meat especially. It is a handy and useful to have the List of Chinese Imports for Meat Products which will link your products to the Chinese market. For more information, please contact with DCCC, or email to|: