Meat producers looking forward to a boost in exports to China

Meat Producers Looking Forward to a Boost in Exports to ChinaApr. 21 – The meat consumption across China has been growing at a steady rate, in particular, an increasing consumption of the most common meats-pork, chicken and beef. Pork has historically been the primary animal protein source in Chinese traditional diets, and pork meat consumption level has increased significantly.

There is an increasing consumption of primary pork meat in China, compared with last 5 years, China imports of pig meat have risen dramatically, official trade data indicate that Chinese imports of fresh and frozen pork were up 134 per cent. EU Member States imported/shipped bigger quantities, particularly larger suppliers like Spain, France and Germany.

Previously the European Union increased pork exports to China, overall imports from the EU increased by 24 per cent compared with previous levels. Yet still, China meat imports are likely to continue to grow in the future driven by relatively robust economic growth and sustained steady market demand for pork. China’s economy has grown at about eight per cent per year over the last two decades.

Recently, Chinese companies eye Australia’s leading beef producer, to purchase of Australian cattle rancher for $288m by Chinese interests was never just a venture. They know there will be a market. Meanwhile, New Zealand PM optimistic about China’s economic transition, and Chinese agribusinesses to hold ‘match-making’ event in New Zealand, a plan has been designed, New Zealand’s meat producers will be looking forward to a boost in exports to China after the two countries signed a formal arrangement on the supply of halal meat, Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy said Tuesday.

New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries and the China Certification and Accreditation Administration co-signed a new Halal Arrangement in Beijing Monday, under which China would recognize New Zealand’s halal regulation and certification regime for halal goods exported to China, said Guy. “This is a major step forward for New Zealand’s halal meat producers, and it marks the first time China has recognized another county’s halal regulatory and certification systems,” said Guy, who is currently in China with Prime Minister John Key.

The market drivers include China rising meat consumption younger generation that consumes non-vegetarian foods, affordable costs, urbanization, demographically speaking, China is the leading country among Asia in meat consumption. The meat consumption as the benefits and advantages are marginally high compared to the vegetarian diet, and the demand is rising due to strong economic growth and higher incomes in China, many acquisitions have taken place by the larger industry operations and it has increased concentration to further five years down. For the List of Chinese Importers/Distributors for Foreign Meat available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: