January 2011

  • How to Effectively enter the China Market
    Foreign companies continue to have mixed experiences in China. Many have been extremely profitable, while others have struggled and failed. To be a success in China, foreign investors must thoroughly investigate the market, take heed of product standards, prequalify potential business partners and draft contracts that assure payment and minimize understandings between the parties. It is important to understand that while continued reform is absolutely essential for China to achieve the economic growth it requires and to fully participate in the world trading community, in many areas, the necessary changes have not yet taken place. Companies must deal with the current environment in a realistic manner. Risk must be clearly evaluated. If a company determines that the risk is too great, it should seek other markets.
  • President of Power Square Holdings Ltd
    We are involved in Mineral trading (mainly boron ?a mineral used in Glass, Ceramics, composite materials) through our companies: Power Square Holdings Limited of Hong Kong, Tekpa Inc. Of Turkey, and Qingdao Phoenix Resources of China. We serve our customers in two ways: act as their agent or direct sales. Tekpa Inc. serves as the procurement agent of some of the largest Chinese consumers of Boron in Turkey at Eti Maden, which is a world monopoly as Turkey has in excess of 72% of the known world boron reserves. Power Square handles our direct sales which are under annual contracts. Recently, we formed a company in Qingdao (Phoenix Resources) to handle our spot sales for customers in mainland China. When we started this business in 2002, the total exports to China was less than 5000 mt annually. After we signed the first contract with the largest consumer of Boron in China, which produced borosilicate glass tubes and rods, the market rapidly expanded and now is in the vicinity of 450,000 mt. annually. According to 2011 contracts, we channel almost 25% of the total quantity to China.
  • China Handelsbeurs Canton Fair 2011
    Phase 1, 15 t/m 17 april 2011Van 15 t/m 17 april neemt het Nederlandse consulaat te Guanghzou China met een Holland paviljoen deel aan de Canton Fair, Phase 1. De Canton Fair is de grootste handelsbeurs van China. Ongeveer 200.000 kopers uit 200 verschillende landen zullen hier neerstrijken. Dit biedt voor Nederlandse bedrijven een aantal uitstekende kansen om producten tentoon te stellen. De focus tijdens Phase 1 ligt op elektronische en huishoudelijke apparatuur, verlichting, voertuigen en onderdelen, machines, hardware & tools, bouwmaterialen en chemische producten. Geïnteresseerde bedrijven kunnen contact op nemen met het Nederlandse consulaat in Guangzhou, China.