Importing mineral water to China – Chinese importers for bottled water

Importing natural mineral water to China | Chinese importers for bottled water Jan. 23 – Bottles of imported water in China have been major drinks among average Chinese family, you often see beside the computer, keyboard and bottles of water on the office table in China. Imported natural mineral water is the key product among the category of imported food and beverage. China bottled water market present more opportunity for mineral water import to China.

Bottled water in China

Mineral water imports to China become a huge business nowadays. People used to say food is gold, water is silver. China needs both of them: food and water. However China doesn’t have enough both of them. The matter of the fact is that the country only has about 6.5% of the planet’s renewable water resources to sustain one-fifth of the world’s population. 1.3 billion Chinese consume food and water every day. What can you do to provide? Needless to say, import food and water to China is on the rise. At this moment, food and beverage is the most important category among all imported products in China.

Import bottled water to China

Among imported beverage, mineral water stands out; it is the key beverage import to China. According to a related report that in 2013, China surpassed America, becoming the world’s biggest bottled water market by volume. China bottled water market is constantly growing, and is expected to reach 49 million tons of total annual consumption by 2020, forecasts the retail sales value of bottled water beverages to be five-fold in 2019. China is ranking on the top in the bottled water market.

How to import bottled water into China?

For companies who want to import mineral water to China – you need assistance from China import services providers with rich experiences. Such as, bottled water of China customs clearance, customs declaration, Chinese label filing, and importantly mineral water import tariffs clarification, etc. There are some major Chinese ports in the cost region that specialized in handling bottled water importing to China, they are familiar with the tariff, procedures, documents, and the costs of bottled water imports, etc. they also know the techniques procedures and necessary documents that you need to present to the local Chinese ports. Here are several documents for bottled water imports to China: (1). Bottling date proof – original copy; (2). Certificate of product qualification – original copy; (3). Certificate of analysis – original copy + English verse English version, etc. (for more specification, please contact: )

Chinese importers focus on importing bottled water to China

How to get connected with Chinese importer which specialized in importing bottled water into China? That’s the question often asked by the exporting companies who are engaged in bottled water imports-exports business. There are Chinese importers who are specialized bottled water importing to China, they are able to link your business to China market, and those Chinese importers and distributors are an important sources for taking your bottled water business to China. With 1.3 billion Chinese, there is vast bottled water market in China, plus China environmental problem at this moment, imported bottled water is in high demand. China bottled water market present an unique opportunities for companies engaged in bottled water imports-exports businesses, taking the chance of China demands for quality bottled water with current environmental situation, expand your bottled water business to China market. For the List of Chinese Importers for Bottled Water in China is available upon request, please contact with DCCC or email to