Importing health foods into China – Market Focus

Importing health foods into China-Market FocusAug. 5 – Nowadays, following the recommendation of many doctors and health experts, the Chinese people eating mentality is changing, with the increasing awareness of importance of health foods, China health foods market is growing, importing health foods into China is market focus now. There is a growing demand for imported health organic food in China.

Why health food gain more attention in China?

The older Chinese people got often sick, and the younger Chinese got heavier, growing health problems with the foods they eat, listening to experts’ advice, and looking around the families and friends health challenges, health foods have gain more attention and won great popularity in China. Among others, there is an undeniable progress, Chinese people are getting rich, and especially working class retired Chinese are getting older, taking care themselves well, eating health food become the first priority for many older Chinese. Increasingly concerned about their health, demand for living longer and healthier, with a focus on the organic food for maintaining their longevity. Health foods get more and more attention, especially foreign imported foods gain favour in China.

How much they are willing to pay for health foods?

Once organic food items were considered primitive agricultural products, with increasing processed foods and growing food related health issues, imported organic foods seen as a luxury food items which are an increasingly accessible option for Chinese in big cities. The organic food market in China has tripled in recent years, with increasing buyers usually middle and educated younger generation Chinese with children, of particular interest among food imports are organic food items. In a purchaser research conducted on 204 Chinese organic consumers in Beijing and Shanghai, 71 percent were ready to pay a premium of 20 to 50 percent for organic products. The top five reasons for buying organic were all related to food quality assurance, healthy ingredients and nutritional value per 100g.

Taking care parents means taking care their health with healthy foods

In China, older generation Chinese almost retired at home, most of them are taking care by their immediate children, when visiting parents, usually bring some foods with them, older people usually have more health problems, becoming main concern in their agenda. Children bring health food to visit their parent is very common in China, it is a way of taking care their aging parents, especially since visiting parents is obligation under China’s law and tradition, bring healthy food to parents is a way of showing respects. Among others, the most popular healthy foods are help to maintain strong legs for waking, better eye sight for seeing, preserve good night sleep for resting, uphold mobility of body, promote overall physique condition and body functionality. In China, taking care parents mean taking care their health with healthy foods, Therefore health foods is in a great demand and gain popularity in China food market.

Food imports to China

A growing demand for imported health food in China, big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, spend more on purchasing health foods became a real trend, most middle class Chinese consumers have shown to be willing to spend extra cash for health foods and foreign imported organic foods. This has created enormous attractive market for new opportunities with foreign foods importing business to China, especially those involved with organic and health food products importing. The market size of health food in China reached ¥187.4 billion , up 12.0% year on year. Foreign food imports have annually increased 15 percent in recent years, and the amount of food imports has more than quadrupled in the last ten years. By 2018, China is expected to become the top importer of foreign food products, with the total value of food imports set to reach RMB 480 billion (US$77 billion). Among others, edible vegetable oils, cereal and milk products account for roughly half of all foreign food imports into China.

Special for food importers-China’s new food safety rules

China newly revised Implementation Rules on Certification of Organic Products came into full force in July, 2015. For food importers, the Rules mean more stringent requirements for product regulation and certification, especially for organic and health food products. For the question “What are the Procedures and Rules for Importing Health Foods into China” There is a related China Report available on “New update rules for food production, catering and distribution in China” which will provide the specific answers. As for “China Health Food Industry Report, 2015-2017” is also available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: