Importing Food & Beverage to China by Chinese importers – Market Focus

Importing-Food-Beverage-to-China-through-Chinese-importers-Market-FocusAug. 25 – Today imported food &beverage is one of the most popular foreign products in China. One can appreciate just how much the Chinese economy has changed. Fast pace increasing imports in China over the last 5 years, among others, consumer-oriented industries like food & beverage are the most imported products which Chinese importers are most interested in to import into China market.

In today’s China market, imported food &beverage is in demand, with its huge population, China has the largest market in the world .The key factor for growing meat demand in China is raising living standards and urbanization. Now Chinese people is under way of seeking a more meat-rich diet – this dietary transition leads to strong rising market for importing food and beverage into China, the statistics of import to China showed that in the last 5 years, Top 7 the most imported food and beverage products or categories focus on Cereal 477%; Dairy, Eggs, Honey 402%; Sugar 395%; Meat & Seafood 278%; Live Animals 209%; Coffee, Tea & Spices 199% and Alcoholic Beverages. Today, rising living standards and lasting urbanization are stimulating China imports and trade opportunities with various foreign food companies, producers and suppliers all over the world.

Nowadays, Chinese people consume more imported food and beverage products than before, rising living standards and availability of a wider variety of foods from supermarkets, restaurants, and cafeterias for a rural-urbanized younger Chinese population promote dietary change and create opportunities for new foods to gain a foothold in the Chinese market. China urbanization rate has surpassed 50 percent, food and beverage consumption is expected to rise at a pace similar to the trend over the past decade. Supermarkets, restaurants, fast food chains stores, and cafeterias play an important role in expanding food and beverage, for instance, meat consumption since many feature specific kinds of meat or chicken. In particular, beef and mutton are important parts of popular hot pot nowadays becoming common among the broader population. At the same time, China food and beverage sector is under pressure from rising costs, disease, environmental regulations, and resource constraints that are becoming problematic as the economy urbanizes and modernizes. China’s food and beverage, like meat imports could raise even further if production cannot sustain its current pace of growth.

Food & beverage is the main categories which the most Chinese importers focus on to import into China market. China’s demand for different food & beverage has developed at a firm speed in the last years. This trends both production and demand will continue to grow in the coming next time. The reality is that the Chinese economy maintains a high speed growth which has been stimulated by the uninterrupted increases of industrial output, import & export and consumer consumption. Nowadays, China is the main market in the world, for companies in Europe and elsewhere around the world, incredible growing China market is the right place to target for food and beverage imports and trade opportunities. If your company want to expand food and beverage business or import and sell your food and beverage products in China, for Importing Food &Beverage to China through Chinese Importers available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: