Imported premium brands beer consumption is rising in China

Imported premium brands beer consumption is rising in ChinaSep. 14 – Beer market in China is the fastest growing in the world and there is increasing demand for imported premium beer. Has the operation of a stricter drink driving law helped trades of low/non-alcohol beer? While Chinese government has been recently promoting healthy lifestyle, love for beer among Chinese consumers is not falling; increasing demand for imported premium beer is rising.

Beer consumption growth in China

China has been the fastest-growing beer market by far, Beer consumption is rising in China, Millennial are the driving forces behind scene and they are switching to imported premium brands, flavored alcoholic beverages and ciders. This growth was supported by the desire for lower prices and higher product quality, an increasing number of Chinese beer drinkers are anticipated to migrate from offline to online channels for their beer purchases, specifically young millennial, tend to get the attention of beer manufacturers as it is considered they will be the main growth engine over the forecast period. China’s beer industry is the largest in the world by production volume and consumption volume. The past three decades has seen an impressive growth in the development of China’s beer industry and market, according to a related report.

Favorable imported beer brands in China

General speaking, imported food and beverage enjoy healthier popularity in China, and imported beers are no exception. The significant increasing beer consumption in China is that cultural is changing underway, nowadays, eating and drinking with style and taste is not something unrealistic practice for ordinary metropolitan Chinese. Among others, China’s young millennial are fast emerging as decision-makers with increasing purchasing power, they perceive to taste imported premium beers as part of a way of life and an exploratory exciting experience, particularly they want to try some imported new flavors or different brands. The increasing consumption of imported beer indicates that the China’s alcoholic beverage market opportunities for foreign beer brands import to China. At this moment, the most imported beer brands to China are originally come from Germany, Belgium, France, Russia and Netherlands. The leading beer exporter to China is Germany, according to a related report. Imported beer sells at a better price compared to domestic beer, and consequently, more profit to distributors and retailers and importers.

The China market opportunities for ‘healthier’ beers

The Chinese millennial tend to prefer drinks with low alcohol or non-alcoholic content to spirits. Flavored alcoholic beverages gain favor among Chinese younger consumers. The so-called “healthier” beers in a sense are craft beers, like low calorie and/or low abv beers. However, Craft beer still in a relatively undiscovered stage. In spite of craft beer’s success in other continent, like North America, the category is still negligible in China, since most Chinese consumers have yet to discover true craft ‘healthier’ beer. The Chinese insiders indicate that importing craft beer to China can help to answer consumers’ desire for premium products. The first step for brewers is to increase the availability of craft offerings, and to invest in educating consumers to create awareness of the variety in the craft beer culture. Foreign beer producers and beverage import to China key players should take advantage of the rapid expansion of China’s beer market with more imported products. For the List of Chinese importers/distributors for foreign beer available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: