Imported packaged frozen foods are enjoying record attraction in China

Imported packaged frozen foods are enjoying record attraction in China Nov. 19 – There is a general pursuit of healthy diets in almost every country and it is no different in China as the Chinese are getting more concerned and aware of what they consume in the kitchen. China food industry analyst indicate that although the Chinese economy is suffering from a slowdown, imported food is enjoying a steady annual growth rate of 15 percent in terms of retail sales in recent years.

What it means “imported food” in China?

Nowadays, although “imports and exports” is a common expression in China trade, but with the phrase of “imported food” in China, Chinese people give some added values, such as fresher, nontoxic and high-status. it grows as a matter of lifestyle, whoever bought “imported food” symbolically bought quality, health and safety with at the same time. Because food safety issues has been a major concerns not only in Chinese government, but also among Chinese consumers. new generation Chinese do care about their health which directly linked to their wealth and successes in life, Chinese mentality about food, diet and eating pattern are changing, better quality, healthier ingredients, more reliable in nutrition are becoming a new movement in China food consumption, and “imported food” is desired and trendy which viewed as a catchphrase implies eating with care, the nutritional value and personal welfare.

Top “imported packaged frozen food” in China

Mixed nuts – such as pistachios, almonds and walnuts. Interestingly, mixed nuts have been the number one seller among all imported food, while cartoned milk boasts the fastest growing rate. Now some related foreign companies are expecting to cash in on this unprecedented phenomenal in China. The challenge is how to integrate the nut into daily meals instead of viewing it as a snack. Various frozen food, such as beef, pork, fish, various meat products, and mixed nuts is also on the top list of food importing to China, not only pure nuts, but also different nuts made snakes. The key question here is how to meet the Chinese market demand for more healthy food. As food experts indicate that Those top imported packaged frozen food in the most competitive market in China, by 2020, China’s total imports will be worth US $3 trillion. Pay attention to the tendency of China consumers, and the demand of China market development, you will keep your food import/export business running.

The value of importing packaged frozen food in China

The latest white paper issued by China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine showed that despite the upward trend of imported food failing to meet inspection standards, there has been no major food safety problems reported between 2010 and 2014. The China official number indicate that the value of imported food has also reached $43 billion in 2014, up 9.6 percent year-on-year, while the total value of Chinese imports experienced an unexpected fall of 0.6 percent. As most Chinese families’ income are getting higher and higher, it’s not very difficult to interpret these numbers, as they can all be explained by one rule: Chinese consumers are now obsessively health-and-nutrition-oriented when it comes to food. From cultural aspect, this could also be due to the fact that in traditional Chinese medicine, there is a deeply rooted concept of food and herb therapy, in the past, people got sick, first they got help from adjusting what they eat, they got cured, until now the tradition of treating sicknesses by food remedy and work well all the times.

Chinese importers for packaged frozen food

Chinese importers packaged frozen food to China is a platform specially for foreign enterprises to reach China food market as well Chinese consumers. Now the question is not about whether to sell imported food in China, rather it is about how they can be imported into China. Imported frozen food worth trillion’s yuan in coming decade, catch the China market, catch the trillion’s. Importing food products to China is absolutely worthy business diving in , the booming industry is worth trillion’s yuan. For the List of Chinese Importers for Frozen Food Products and the List of Chinese Importers for Various Nuts and Mixed Nuts , and Report on Import of Prepackaged Food Products to China   available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: