Imported milk has also boosted dairy imports in China | Chinese importers

List of Chinese importers for milk and dairy productsSep. 17 – Imported milk has also boosted dairy imports in China. Milk and milk powder in China lifted dairy market. According to a recent China’s dairy consumption is expected to increase 38% by 2022. Dairy imports are therefore expected to rise by 20% with 82% of those imports being skim or whole milk powder. This continues to create an increased imports opportunity for milk and dairy to China.

Milk and Milk Power in Chinese Market

Traditionally, China is less attracted to dairy consumption, and consumption of milk and dairy products is not rooted in Chinese dietary habits. Nowadays however, with globalization of food supply, Chinese dairy habits evolve rapidly; Chinese diets give way to more processed dairy products and foods, with an emphasis on dairy consumption of China’s young urban population, their calcium and protein intake and balanced diets for keeping healthy. According to a related study by the office of international markets, the Chinese retail market for milk and dairy products accounted for the total of 36.6 billion dollars in 2010 and increased 80% in 2016. Many brands of milk and dairy beverages are blooming in China dairy market, such as, baby powder milk, infant milk formula, soy milk, goat milk, yogurt, ice cream, and even cheese and butter, mayonnaise. Sales of dairy products in the food service sector reached almost 4.7 billion dollars in 2010. The statistic shows the dairy product consumption value in China from 2012 to 2018, in 2014, the UHT milk consumption in China totaled around 88 billion yuan. This figure was estimated to reach 125 billion yuan by 2018.

Imported Dairy Products in China

Dairy products export to China has never been going lower, and there seems no ending so either. The Chinese food imports have increased fourfold in a decade due to the constraints of urbanization, degradation of farmland, uncertainties of water resources. Imports of dairy products in China have also more than doubled over the past five years. China has not only increased its imports of finished dairy products, but also increased imports of food ingredients to produce dairy related food products. It is expected that the production and consumption of dairy products continue to grow including food ingredients. The prices of dairy products are also on the rise, as more quality milk, milk powder, and dairy products enter China market. Foreign brand milk powder has occupied most of the China market. The total volume of importing milk powder has already growing higher year by year, China imports large quantities of infant milk powder each year. It is estimated that during 2017 to 2021, with the increasing number of new-borns per year, Chinese market demand for infant formula milk powder will rise year by year, and so will the annual import of infant formula milk powder.

Exporting Milk and Dairy Products to China

China import more milk and milk power products to meet the demand of Chinese market. According to global trade atlas, China customs data, in 2016 China imports from all origins $640 million of milk and cream, not concentrated nor sweetened (0401). The statistic shows projections for the China milk and cream market, it is expected that there will be approximately 967% growth rate in the next 5 years period 2018-2023. China rapidly increase fluid milk imports, Chinese dairy market present an increased imports opportunities for milk and dairy sector. For international milk and dairy producers, milk powder importers, and exporters, the List of Chinese Importers for Milk and Dairy Products is available upon request, contact with DCCC– the organization assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers, distributors for food, beverages and consumers goods, email to: