Honey and bee products | market opportunities in China

Honey and bee products with Chinese importers Nov. 23 – Honey and bee products present unique market opportunities in China. In recent years, natural honey total imports to China are increasing, the China Customs statistic indicates: in 2013, the volume of natural honey total imports to China was 4,856 KG, valued $42,932; in 2017, China imports honey 5,660 KG, valued $91,297. Main countries supplying natural honey to China are broadening.

Why China Market is Huge for Natural Honey and Bee Products

Chinese consumer is massive led to China market undoubted gigantic, honey consumption in China has been ranked first in the world in recent years; certainly, imported honey is powering honey consumption in China. According to a related report, there are several reasons for the growing demand for honey and bee products in China market:

  • As one of major food ingredient – The craft baking industry is beginning to take off in China, with a resulting increase in honey and bee products as main preparations food ingredients. The rapidly growing baking sector in China increasingly uses honey and bee products, fresh or processed as a key food ingredient for cakes baking, Which led to demand for foods ingredients with health benefits, such as honey and bee products is surging;
  • With nutritional value added feature – With Chinese consumers raise awareness of health and nutrition, aging population are more alert with nutritional value of food, natural honey as one of the better choice for the older and the young. In addition, with the one-child policy ending and birth rate arising potentials, honey and bee products will continue to drive consumer preference for imported infant food ingredients;
  • As high-end foodstuffs – Middle to high-income earners is increasingly developing a taste for food products that contain honey ingredient. Cake and snake foods contain honey as key ingredients attract and welcome more consumers.

Natural Honey as a Kay Food Ingredients in Healthy Food

China’s catering sector is experiencing the speed of changing, and it is in the booming mood, with retail volume registering double-digit growth each year and reaching a high of 17%. Guangzhou and Shanghai are the first two Chinese cities in which the total revenue of the catering industry has reached RMB100 billion, according to a related report. Imported honey and bee products have increased in the past years demand for honey and bee around Chinese holidays is especially strong. Major retail chain contacts anticipate strong consumer demand for honey and bee products, fresh or processed in China market. Natural honey and bee products as baking main ingredients play an important role that making delicious cake product that consumers are crazy about. Natural honey has broad functions in food industry improvement , Chinese market embraces better quality of imported natural honey and bee products with Chinese importers and agents,.

Total Imports to China & Main Countries Supplying to China

With the natural honey total imports to China and major supplying countries (value), the gap and future potentials in natural honey imports import to China are clear. By comparison between native produced honey and imported honey, Chinese consumers prefer imported honey due to the quality concern. In recent years, natural honey total imports to China are increasing. The related China Customs statistic indicate: In 2013, the volume of natural honey total imports to China was 4,856 KG, and valued $42,932; in 2017, China import honey was 5,660 KG, and valued $91,297. Main countries supplying natural honey to China: New Zealand (Manuka), Australia, Germany, Thailand, France, Russia, Malaysia, Chile, Italy, Portugal, Swiss, UK, Spain, Canada, Greece, Taiwan Region, Kyrgyzstan, Brazil, Denmark, Mexico, Hungary, Poland. There will be more natural honey (among consumer goods) enters into China market. “China’s total purchase of foreign goods would amount to US$30 trillion over the next 15 years, while its purchase of services would reach US$10 trillion in the same period”, Chinese president Xi Jinping said at the China International Import Expo (CIIE). Natural honey import to China is one of promising business looking brighter.

Growing Honey Import to China with Chinese Importers

Why with China’s per capita consumption of honey in line, there is an abundant potential for growth? At present, Chinese consumption of natural honey are relatively low by comparison with several countries. According to a related China report indicates that America’s per capita consumption of honey is 2 times that of China, Germany’s per capita consumption is 4 times of China. With enormous Chinese consumers, China is the world level market for consumer goods, the capacity of China market for honey consumption and import can’t be under evaluated. China has abundant space for growing honey consumption in next decade, and natural honey market opportunities lays in China in the coming decade as insiders’ predict. For international natural honey producers, bee products importers/exporters, the List of Chinese Importers for Natural Honey available upon request, contact with DCCC– the organization assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers, distributors for consumers goods, email to: info@dccchina.org