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fruit-juice-in-china-chinese-importersAug. 5 – Fruit juice in China market are mainly dominated by juice mixtures, smoothies & orange juice. The Chinese market of fruit and vegetable juices is very competitive. As forecasts indicates that in general there are coconut and other plant water booms; and HPP juice on the rise. According to Juices – China, revenue in the Juices segment amounts to US$4,639m in 2019.


Fruit Juice China Market Size

Fruit Juice China market opens wider than ever nowadays, Fruit Juice imports to China exceeded exports in many different categories of products. Among others, food and drink classification stands out in all categories regarding imported products in China which is not surprising that given the size of the China market and its growing middle class, with almost 1.4 billion population, China’s unprecedented trade and industry progress has transformed the country into a global driving force. So far, imported food and drinks bear a better reputation regarding quality and safety in China. There are various imported juice in China, the top 5 indications of juice beverages China market showed that soft drinks records another year of growth; Health awareness is widely seen in many categories; Local players perform better than multinationals; Chilled products on the rise; and Lighter products will receive more attention, according to a related report juice in China, revenue in the Juices segment amounts to US$4,639m in 2019. The market is expected to grow annually by 4.4% (CAGR 2019-2023). The market’s largest segment is the segment Other Juice, Juice Mixtures & Smoothies with a market volume of US$2,959m in 2019. In global comparison, most revenue is generated in United States (US$22,467m in 2019).


Uptake Chinese Beverages is Increasing Every Year

With fruit juice China market, in any categories regarding China imports of fruit juices, no matter it’s fresh orange juice (NFC), fresh apple juice (NFC), fresh pineapple juice (NFC) or pineapple juice concentrate , according to a related China fruit juice market report that China’s consumption of imported fresh orange juice has increased by 46% in recent year, the country Cyprus is the top supplier of various fruit juices to China, other countries with the larger volumes of exports of fruit juices to China during the last five years were included the UK, Greece, Israel , Spain, Netherlands and the Mediterranean producer’s, and all those countries fruit juices exports to China have increased substantially year on year. There is a noticeable trend with fruit juices in China that HPP Juice on the Rise in China, HPP (High Pressure Processing) plays a significant role nowadays in the juice sector. HPP is a processing step that extends shelf life and eradicates at least 99.999% of the microorganisms in juice. According to beverage nutrition experts, HPP is a great option not only for keeping fresh flavor of juices and smoothies, but also nutritional and functional properties of the product remain intact. With the growing healthier consumption habits and demand for more natural beverages, HPP juice on the rise in China that Juices – China statistics showed that domestic uptake of juice in China is increasing every year. In relation to total population figures, per person revenues of US$3.22 are generated in 2019; the average per capita consumption stands at 1.5 L in 2019.


Fruit Juice, Smoothies main Countries Supplying China

China’s Imports of fresh fruit juices from countries worldwide has been steadily increasing in recent years. As juice market in China has become both broad and mature, the initial key players have a full rein position. Accordingly, all sorts of business strategies have been practiced to win over market share. From importing new fruit juice product launches in the last year, to setting up premium brands to compete with the emerging of local brands, with a better understanding of traditional Chinese culture, the market share of smoothies in the 100% juice sector; new fruit juice product launches in the last year. Importing & distribution for fruit juice and vegetable juice to China get on the way, there have been various fresh juices imported to China with Chinese importers in recent years, according to China Customs & Fruit Juice Focus reports, main countries supplying China:

  • China imports/Chinese Importers of fresh orange juice (NFC), Cyprus has been the largest exporter of fresh orange juice to China in recent years, other countries include Spain, United Kingdom, Thailand , Greece, United States of America, Italy, Austria and Mexico all showed an increase in exports to China, which in total delivered 89% of China’s imports during 2016. Notable increases include the United Kingdom (UK) which has shown a major uplift in volume shipped to China of 310% for the period.
  • China imports/Chinese Importers of fresh apple juice (NFC). Main countries supplying China of fresh apple juice (NFC), among others, Cyprus occupied the top position, which is by far the biggest exporter of fresh apple juice to the Chinese market with a 46% share of the world’s exports to China. within Europe, The UK also increased by a significant 94% in 2016 up; Greece and Spain continue to grow their exports into this market with increases of 94% and 79% respectively. China’s Imports of fresh apple juice from countries worldwide has been steadily increasing.
  • China imports/Chinese Importers of fresh pineapple juice (NFC). Statistics showed that during the last five years main countries supplying China of fresh pineapple juice (NFC), the top supplier to China is the country Cyprus with the largest volumes and notable increase of exports to China. By comparison with suppliers, Cyprus is by far the biggest trader with China in fresh pineapple juice; Cyprus plays a significant role in China imports of fresh pineapple juice (NFC). In addition, the other European furthermost steady supplier fresh pineapple juices to China in the past five years were the UK, Italy. Other related countries included Thailand and Costa Rica; those major suppliers fresh pineapple juice (NFC) to China contributed a substantial proportion of total fresh pineapple juice (NFC) import to China.
  • China imports/Chinese Importers of orange juice concentrate (FCOJ). There were two main countries supplying and made a major contribution in China imports of orange juice concentrate (FCOJ). Brazil is the top supplier of orange juice concentrate (FCOJ) to China in the past five years. Then came to Israel which supplied a certain percentage of China imports of orange juice concentrate (FCOJ) for the same period. Within European countries, such as Spain, Greece, Italy. The Netherlands has remained as one of the most consistent supplier of orange juice concentrate (FCOJ) to China in the past five years.
  • Chinese Importers/Imports of pineapple juice concentrate into China. There were several countries supplying China of pineapple juice concentrate, but only two main countries supplying China and contributed the most, namely Thailand and Indonesia. Thailand supplies major percentage of China’s consumption of imported pineapple juice concentrate in the past years. Indonesia was the significant competitor in the market during certain period.

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