Fruit and vegetable Chinese importers – fresh produce China market

Fruit and vegetable Chinese importersOct. 23 – Chinese importers seek external fresh produce with the harvest season is right at the doorway. In June 2019, vegetable imports to China had amounted to approximately 120.6 million U.S. dollars, and fruit imports to China had amounted to approximately 722.1 million, according to statistic from China’s fruit & vegetable imports.

Fruit and Vegetables China Imports Growing New High

As a general long-term China policy, the government is trying to increase the imports of fresh produce, to address the eating right, and maintaining sound health issue, that’s in fact a cheering news for international fresh producers and local fresh farms. In reality, China’s imported fruit market witnessed steady growth, both in terms of total import volume as well as import value in last two years. Of particularly, China imports cherries, oranges, blueberries, and bananas, which registered robust year-on-year growth in both import volume and import value. Meanwhile, Chinese consumers are more and more craving for fruit that is premium-quality, differentiated, safe, organic, branded and/or high value, as China fruit expert revealed.

Fresh Produce Enters China Market at Exciting Time

For international suppliers of imported fruit to the China market is an exciting time, now, for the first time, China is importing more fresh produce than exports, and China used to be a fresh produce exporting country. Fresh produce import into China already started, several fresh produces from different countries have reached China market, there are related fruit and vegetable Chinese importers and Chinese import firms are hectic with their schedules of fresh imports into China. Although China fruit imports reached ten-year highs both by value and volume in 2018, however China fresh consumption is continuing grow high at the same time in 2019, and the statistic from the China Customs shows China’s monthly fruit and vegetable imports in June 2019, vegetable imports to China had amounted to approximately 120.6 million U.S. dollars, and fruit imports to China had amounted to approximately 722.1 million.

Fresh Produce China Imports Latest Activities 2019

As reported recently, China imported 3.96 million tons of fruits in the first half of 2019, an annual growth of 38%. The statistic shows vegetable imports to China had amounted to approximately 120.6 million U.S. dollars in June 2019. In addition, according to China Customs Statistics august, 2019 showed that China imports of fresh or dried fruits and nuts value US$8,089,529. All those data showed that China fruit and vegetable imports rise higher in 2019. there is a List of Chinese Importers for fruit & Vegetable is available, more details, please email to: There are several highlights over fruit and vegetable China imports recent activities:

China Retail Sales of Avocados Increasing Incredibly

Retail sales of avocados increasing by 72% each year in China, according to fresh produce. As the largest avocado producer in the world and the first country to export avocados to China, Mexico has witnessed its market share in China be split between two latecomers, Chile and Peru. The importance of everyone along the supply chain working together and professionally to grow Chinese avocado sales, and capitalizing on the sharply increasing demand. Chinese consumers have become more “selective” as a result of their rising income levels. China’s agricultural industry is in the process of upgrading itself, but many agricultural products do not meet the new standards of Chinese consumers who can afford to purchase imported fruit instead. The volume of imported fruit is still growing.

Imported Blueberries Attract China’s Attention

Argentine blueberries wins Chinese consumers’ taste, there are several Chinese fruit importing companies are busying with blueberries import to China, among others, Argentine blueberries attract Chinese edible fruit importers’ attention, they are involved reaching agreements with Argentine local blueberries fruit exporters to continue commercial relations. Up to now, statistics showed that there are certain numbers of Argentine province’s total exports has as its final destination China, and China demand for more healthy, nutritional rich fruits, and Argentine blueberries grows more potential to expand its fresh produce into China market with enormous consumers capacity. Imported fruit competes with domestic fruit in the Chinese market. The Chinese fruit industry is working towards stronger brands and a higher product quality in response.

Dominican Exports Hass Avocado, Cocoa, Mango, Pineapple, Bananas to China

According to reliable source, China initiates protocols for the import of Dominican products which took place in October, 2019. The Ministry of Agriculture of the Dominican Republic, in a press release, revealed that it has begun the process of sanitary validation for the export of locally produced Hass avocado, cocoa, mango, pineapple, and bananas to China. The negotiations are being carried out within the framework of the new diplomatic and commercial relations established between both nations and based on the sanitary protocol signed by the parties on November 2018. On October 12, the Dominican Republic will receive an official mission of Chinese experts from the General Customs Administration to verify and standardize the procedure for exporting Hass avocado to that market.