Fresh produce | China imports more fresh produce by volume and value

Fresh produce China marketJan. 3 – Fresh produce new trends provide consumers with value-added experiences in China, with growing numbers of Chinese consumers taking on a more dynamic and healthy way of life, there is a gradually new trend forming with fresh produce: consumers crave high quality with premium price and unique experiences. Chinese market longs for fresh produce boost investment & import in recent years.

Fresh Produce China Market

In the fresh produce arena, China market is an irrefutable force, the country is a major importer and exporter of fresh fruit and vegetables. Parallel to this growth is today, China’s rapidly expanding fruit and veg business, which accounts for 39% of the world’s fruit and veg production. The key factor is the steady economic growth which is contributing to China’s active fruit and vegetable market. This growth is making China an important location for exporters around the world, according to freshplaza. Today, the country’s fresh produce and China’s agrifood sectors make for multibillion industries. Fruit imports to China had amounted to approximately 488.24 million U.S. dollars in October 2018. China vegetable imports from October 2017 to October 2018 had amounted to approximately 2,163.5 million U.S. dollars. From January to October 2018, vegetable imports to China had amounted to approximately 1.592.87 million U.S. dollars, according to a related statistics.

China Market for Fresh Produce is Important for Global Business

One thing is worthy to point out is that fruit consumption patterns in China have shifted in new dimensions recent years in China due to rising standards of living. Let’s say apples, bananas and melons have been traditionally popular fruit in China, nowadays, replaced by fruit varieties, such as: oranges, table grapes, mango, avocado, kiwi, blueberries and raspberries, etc. which was historically not grown in commercial quantities in China. Foreign fresh produce is now very welcome in China, as international suppliers stated that it is a very encouraging time to sell fruit and vegetables to the Chinese market. As China is a significant player as importer/exporter of fresh fruit and vegetables in the world of fresh produce. in today’s China, with advances in production, post-harvest handling, processing, logistical technologies, and increased levels of international investment as well as contributed to the rapid increase in production capabilities and the success of China’s overall produce export market, especially among exports of vegetables. China’s speedily growing fresh fruit and vegetable production, and imports are driven by sound economic progress that steered to an upswing in total household earnings in China. As a consequence, in the fresh produce arena, China carries in line as an important importer and exporter of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Today’s China Imports more Fresh Produce Both by Volume and Value

Facing growing demand for fresh fruits, especially exotic nutritional rich fruits in the China market, the central and local government set up encouraging policy to promote fresh produce imports in a long period. Particularly, with China International Import Expo took place in 2018, the sound of imports to China is stronger, louder and clear than ever, which indicated that China is ready for imports more foreign goods, be more specific, China’s total purchase of foreign goods would amount to US$30 trillion over the next 15 years, while its purchase of services would reach US$10 trillion in the same period. China Fruit Marketing Association also noted that in point of fact, today’s China is importing more fresh fruit that is it exporting, both by volume and value, and Chinese consumers’ demand for premium, excellent quality and nontoxic fruit from outside China has grown in great number which is in line with newer generation consumers convey for new experience, high nutrition, convenient, easy peel fresh produce varieties. The Chinese market offers vast opportunities for fresh produce suppliers in Europe in particular due to advanced fresh produce experiences with innovative agro-technology.

Fresh Produce Imports to China – “Golden Era” is Coming

Consequently, fresh produce imports to China will continuing growing, and it is also predicted that
China’s fruit market for a “golden era” is coming, from now on till the next decade, bright future for both the Chinese consumers and fresh produce suppliers, including international and domestic producers, that bring healthy fresh taste to consumers and plenty opportunities for suppliers. As Chinese fresh produce experts noted “If you have good products, price is not a problem, the Chinese middle class is willing to play a premium price for premium quality products.” It is great news for fresh produce suppliers globally, import fresh produce to China need help? DCCC– the organization assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers, distributors for Consumers Goods, Food-Beverages. DCCC provides you with the information you search for right away. For international fresh produce producers, imports/exports companies try to discover the market opportunities in China; the List of Chinese Importers for Fresh Produce is available. For further information, please email