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Food ingredients Chinese importersAug. 21 – Food ingredients in China – natural products, natural extracts, and functional ingredients etc., which linked to differences in geographic locations, ethnic tastes and flavors, cooking techniques. China is the world’s largest consumer market for food & beverage products. The Chinese market increasingly attractive to foreign brands of food ingredients with Chinese consumer changing taste.

Food ingredients |Sauces & seasonings | Herbs and Spices in China

The term “food ingredient” includes food additives, for specific technical and/or functional purposes during processing, storage or packaging which are ingredients added to foods to achieve a desired effect. Chinese food is an important part of Chinese culture, which food ingredients plays a significant role to achieve the ultimate delicious result, includes food originating from the different regions of China with varied local food ingredients, sauces & seasonings and herbs & spices. The choice for seasoning and cooking techniques of Chinese local areas count on differences in local cultural tradition, ethnic groups, and geographic locations also have a strong effect on the local available ingredients. Flavor, smell and taste are the three traditional aspects of the role of Chinese food ingredients, sauces & seasonings, herbs & spices, as well as the appearance and nutrition of the food. Chinese cooking is appraised from ingredients used, cuttings, cooking time and seasoning. According to food ingredient Asia-China – China food ingredients, sauces & seasonings, herbs and spices event 2018. It shows at present, the food industry development trend, advances, current situation, innovation, food consumption trend, regulations and standards, and development of food additives.

China Food Additives and Ingredients Market

The China food ingredients industry has continuously developed and played a significant role within the growing food, beverage and health sectors in China and beyond. Chinese nutraceutical, functional food and beverages, and dietary supplement industries attract international attention. The China food processing sector as whole, including the growing consumer demand for safe, convenient, high-quality processed food options. The Chinese market shows imported food ingredients are increasingly in demand by China domestic food processors, including sauces & seasonings, herbs and spices ingredient. According to food ingredient Asia-China, tapping into China food ingredients market is just right time. At this moment, China food ingredients include: natural products, natural extracts, functional ingredients, health food, and domestic flavors, and fragrances & condiments zone. Why China market? – The biggest food and beverage consumer market in the world to stretch your business horizon, according to food ingredient Asia-China:

  • China is the world’s largest consumer market for food & beverage products. The Chinese market increasingly    appealing for foreign brands along with Chinese consumer lifestyle changing;
  • The food processing sector is driven by consolidation in favor of larger companies with better access to investment capital and modern technology.
  • China has introduced stricter control on food safety that drives consolidation and increased demand for safe and high quality imported food ingredients.

Facts and Figures of Sauces & Seasonings Globally and China

According to products analysis of innova market insights, the leading category for tracked launches globally in 2017 was Sauces & Seasonings (20%). The leading herbs and spices used in all 2017 food & beverage launches tracked were Garlic (37%), Paprika (15%), and Turmeric/Curcumin (12%), the use of herbs and spices increased by +1.3% in 2017 vs. 2016. The most featured health positionings with a positive growth from 2016 to 2017 were High/Source of Protein (+20%), Gluten Free (+11%), No Additives/Preservatives (+3.9%), Organic (+3.8%), and Low Fat (+1.6%). Top 3 sub-categories are: bouillons-stocks-seasonings-herbs; cooking sauces; and savoury/salty snacks. Why Looking to Grow Your Business in China?  China food and beverage market is growing potentially huge in the coming decade along Chinese consumers changing lifestyle, taste and flavors. Among others, food ingredients industry is facing challenges and innovation. The public is calling for more natural products, natural extracts, health food and condiments, international flavors. Here are the China health food related Facts and Figures:

  • Vitamin & Dietary Supplements generated RMB83.7 billion in retail sales in 2013, accounting for 59.3% of the whole industry; The value of vitamins, dietary supplements, food and drug additives in China reached an estimated 81 billion USD in 2015;
  • Chinese consumers are spending more on healthier options in the form of better-for-you snacking foods, clean-label beverages and foods made with organic ingredients. Chinese expenditure on health products has grown at an annual rate of 15-30% over the last 20 years. Therefore local food, beverage and health supplement manufacturers are actively seeking a new range of ingredients to develop innovative products to meet this market growth.

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