Food and drink move up among imported products in China market

Foodstuffs Import to China – Enter China MarketAug. 27 – The bright prospects for imported food and drink in China bring opportunities to benefit food and drinks producers, importing /exporting companies. According to official statistics, food as an import item grew at the rate of 15% a year, by 2018 the imported food market on the mainland will be worth more than RMB525.8bn, and the entire imported products market will bring about consumption in trillions of Yuan.

Only Quality Brands Stand Out

For imported food and drink in China market, ultimately, quality prevails. As imported products day by day gain attraction, but only the quality will set the products on high, and brand products will stand out. attention to imported food products detail is growing among Chinese consumers, increasing knowledge about quality products, brands consistencies increasing, they wanted functional food rather than just imported food which premium imported food in demand. There are an extensive range of food products imported to China traced by the Chinese Customs, the span including imported foods and beverage, wine and drinks, foodstuff, (Inc. pet food), food ingredients, dietary supplements, fruit & vegetables, fish & seafood, confectionery & snacks, meat products, olive oil & vinegar, dairy products, oats & grains, nuts & Kernels, bottled water, juice, soft drinks, honey, tea & coffee, and household goods. As Chinese consumption escalates, demand climbs and imported goods are strongly pursued, that is the bright prospects for imported products in China market.

Foodstuffs- Is it hard for Logic to Prevail over Emotion?

Is it hard for logic to prevail over emotion when it comes with shopping for imported food in China? People used to say, it is hard for logic to prevail over emotion, but that is not necessary case with Chinese consumer over purchasing imported food in China market. According to a related report, some of Chinese consumers tend to purchasing new and attention-grabbing food out of impulse and not necessity; they only want to try it out of curiosity. But the attendance is shifting, nowadays purchasing natural and healthy food is a choice and clear trend, consumers purchase with a purpose and the goal is clearer, having some essential dietary value, add nutritional benefit to overall health, that’s the main reason for frequent consumers comeback for ordering the same products again. If imported foods develop towards this direction, brighter market opportunities for imported food will be in China. Nowadays, Chinese consumers pursuit the concept of ‘Natural and Healthy’, that leads a tough competition with imported food market, more and more consumers overcome emotion shopping, and go for logic shopping, they buy what’s good for their overall health and nutrition need, more attention to read the label, to know the proportion of various food ingredients and nutritious benefits, that’s the case with imported food in China market, currently, where there is a great variety of brands, products and dealers.

Foodstuffs Import to China – Enter China Market

For those who are in the food industries, and engage in food imports-exports, there is a great chance to grow your business in China market, the most populated nation in the world, there are over-crowed consumers expecting imported food and beverage. Besides food quality, nutrition value added foodstuffs win the broad consumers. According to China market insider’s view, the future growth of the imported food market in China is likely to lie in a move to “natural and healthy”. The Chinese importers DCCC catalogue will help you to term your product and find an exact right list of Chinese companies importing your product to China. The List of Chinese importers act on shortage of China domestic supply and growing global producers, exporters try to enter Chinese market. For more on importing Consumer Goods, mainly Food and Beverage to China, please visit Chinese Importers, or email to: