Aged care services is an urgent issue in China | nursing home in China

Aged care services is an urgent issue in China Oct. 1 – China elderly care industry is billion dollar businesses with enormous potentials for investment. Aged care services are an urgent issue in China, soon over 60 years old in China will total 400 million. The government is facing challenges in taking care its elderly who are the main workforce; their energy and strength build up stronger China. How to care the elderly is heavy task in China?

Aged Care Services Is an Urgent Issue in China

Elderly care industry is speeding up development which promoted by the Chinese government policy and plan elderly care infrastructures and services. There are today more than 200 million elderly citizens in China but less than 2.1 million are being cared for in nursing homes distributed across China, and it is believed that an additional 3.4 million hospital and nursing home beds will be needed for senior care over in less than five years as the middle class elderly Chinese will need the service very soon, according to a related China report. With a view towards long-term investment, there are some financial incentives policy involved in to stimulating the elderly care services industry in China, such as, elderly care services related with (entertainment and medical service) are exempt from business tax; non-profit nursing homes are exempt from corporate income tax and from administrative fees. Currently, the goal of the favorite policy is promoting elderly care infrastructures and services industry in China.

Nursing Home China Reality

Shortage of nursing home and aged care facilities is not new subject in China; the speed of build-up nursing homes couldn’t catch the speed of the need of aging population in China. No matter in the rural villages, or in the bigger cities, the situation aged care is more or less the same, the only difference is that in remote rural China, the aged is facing far more worth situation than the bigger cities due to main rural labor force migrated to cities, left aged live alone. Today elderly population in China is steadily growing. There are a large and growing demographic of elderly without access to necessary care facilities in China. According to a related China report, there are 50% of aged Chinese living alone in rural China, among 200 million aged populations while 30 million of them are disabled in China. This serious condition contains enormous challenges and offers vast opportunities for public or private nursing homes sector. According to China Ministry of Civil Affairs report that there were thirty spots available for every one thousand elderly Chinese citizens. Some 90 percent of China’s seniors must be cared for at home, as those with living family members are often denied access to nursing homes. The Chinese market involves unique needs and requirements for senior citizens.

Borrow International Experienced Experts in Caring Aged Chinese

At this moment, China keeps open mind, and looking for alternative from international experienced aged care system, such as, independent living facilities, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, to study and adapt the expertise, sector knowledge and to achieve the best outcome. The healthcare sector offers an array of investment opportunities resulting from the challenges related to China aging population and the evolving solutions created to respond to those challenges. There is a real opportunity for services to provide elderly care in China and is perfectly aligned with China’s current and projected social changes. China’s government recently classified elderly support services as an “encouraged” sector for foreign investments. Now it’s a right time for those international experienced senior living operators, investors and developers to take serious thought on how to capitalize on the dynamics of a thriving senior living and senior care China market. it is a profitable opportunities, the Chinese government is encouraging foreign companies to join this highly lucrative and essential sector in the development process of China aged care market. For international experienced senior living operators, investors and developers, the China Aged Care Service Industry Report 2018-2023, and China Nursing Homes Facilities Industry Report 2018-2023 available upon request, please contact with DCCC, the organization assists foreign companies to connect with China market, or email to: