Dutch Online Market | China Online Sales 2013

Feb.11 – Nowadays Dutch – Chinese online sales market is growing in fast pace and flourish rhythm, Dutch companies who are doing business with China or direct import products from China by go online orders from China and go online sales in the Netherlands. DCCC brings you into China’s online sales market 2013, be better prepared, be ready for the booming. There is a “Report on Legal Framework – Online Retail Business in China”, if you would like to learn more, mail to: info@dccchina.org .

Particularly for those who are in the category of Dutch small online business (MKBers), you should pay attention to this: China to become the world largest online retail market in 2013. China’s online sales market has become too big for Dutch small businesses to ignore. The country’s online shopping industry surpassed Japan’s in 2012 and is expected to overtake that of the US to become the world’s largest online retail market in 2013.

In 2012, China’s online shoppers reached 247 million, up 21.7 % from the 203 million recorded a year earlier. This figure is expected to reach 310 million by the end of 2013. Moreover, the value of transactions in the country’s online retail market grew by 64.7 % in 2012 to RMB1.32 trillion, taking up 6.3% of the total sales of China’s social consumption of retail goods.

Given the growing importance and huge potential of the country’s online retail industry, foreign investors are keen to tap into this lucrative market. Fortunately, most of the previous legal restrictions on foreign investment in the online retail sector have been lifted as part of the country’s WTO commitment to realize an “open market.”

Why the Dutch online retails should benefit from China online sales market?

The Dutch online sales market is in its infancy with more sleeping time. Very few strong players make big sales compared with China online sales market. The Netherlands is one of the wealthiest places in the world with its16M + inhabitants, the Dutch are open to new business initiatives, and represent a critical mass for retailers.

There are three of them make a difference to the Dutch online sales market: marktplaats; Albert  and Bol.com , There are many Dutch small online sales’ entrepreneurs and local businesses trying to take a share of the growing online consumer needs in the Netherlands. Why the Dutch online retails should benefit from China online sales market? It’s the way to go for several reasons:

China Online Sales market is flourishing. The fact you can shop 24/7/365 online and you can’t in real stores. Online sales learn and improve by analyzing their visitors. Offline sales usually don’t. If you walk into a store, and can’t find what you want, you give up, or if you wait too long in line, you give up. And the store doesn’t know you were even there, let alone that you couldn’t find what you were looking for or got angry and left for waiting too long. Read on…

The Dutch online business takes look on China online sales by using web analytic, the Dutch online stores know not only that buyers were there, but how and why buyers came to the store (from a search engine), where you went exactly in their store, which products you looked at, what you bought, and what part of their store you left from if you didn’t buy anything. Based on information like that, online stores can be ‘optimized’ to meet the visitors needs better. Real stores are limited in their ability to do things like that and are many years behind in the technology they use; learn from the china online sales market, you will be smarter.

The Dutch online business takes look on China online sales by using Search Box.  Traditional sales don’t have a search box, just store sales Assistants. Imagine if you could walk into a store and tell an automated machine exactly what you are looking for, and it brought everything you possibly could be interested in to you, immediately. Sounds nice. But if you think about it, that’s what China online sales, gives you when you run a search on a website.

The Dutch online business takes look on China online sales by reading other people’s reviews of products. Because China online stores like Amazon offer customer reviews for pretty much everything they sell, you know if you are buying a piece of crap before you actually buy it by reading the customers ‘reviews first. You may have personalized recommendations.

Imagine walking into a store, and immediately being given personal recommendations on what you might like to buy, based on what you bought before there, and to see them all without walking any further. That would be great right? Sound too futuristic?  Go visit China online sales for everything you would like to buy and to imports from China, to sale in the Netherlands,  especially High-tech end products like video games,  games console, gadgets and fashionable mobiles, iPods, iPhones, computer accessories, etc. those items are best welcoming and  selling very well in the Dutch online market- chances are that you will see those very items on China online sales home page, the Dutch online business should benefit more from China online sales market in 2013.