Demand for affordable imported wine is on the rise in China

Demand for affordable imported wine is on the rise in ChinaSep. 21 – China demands for more affordable imported wine. First, originality is a fundamental, second, it has to be affordable, then you got huge attention from the majority Chinese consumers, the younger generation Chinese is on the rise of income and taste, they are the main target group for wine importers. After all, the rise of China’s middle class is driving force in the imported wine market.

China’s eating and drinking culture is experiencing a smoothly shifting,  Kentucky and MacDonald, imported wine and beer are popular food and drinks in China,  mainly due to the rise of the middle class, and demand for foreign wine has thus increased over recent years. In particular, affordable imported wine has seen a steep increase in popularity. Nowadays, inexpensive foreign wines ordered by the middle class consumers is common in China, growing demand for affordable imported wine is on the upsurge in recent years, and driving foreign wine imports in demand. Chinese Customs released data showed that China’s imported wine market made significant headway in 2015, with consumption volume of imported wine reaching 43.7 million – litter cases, a 37 percent increase over last year.

Besides, foreign wine shipped to China has become more value-oriented. According to China market landscapes 2016 reporting – in July that about 48 million urban upper middle class Chinese were drinkers of imported wine last year, up from 38 million in 2014. Wines priced in the 200-300 yuan range sold the most. Sales of white wine are soaring. Variety has gained popularity particularly among women, The China wine market is becoming more mature and people are becoming more knowledgeable about wine taste.

Moreover, drinking wine is becoming a trend among Chinese younger consumers, imported wine gain popularity due to quality, originality and affordability. A tendency for buying affordable imported wine has been steady growing, Chinese shoppers looking for affordable imported wine has been a common trend for a while in China.

The most popular wine within imported wine business is the one costing about 300 RMB yuan that are favored by young buyers, approximately half of young consumers, aged from 18 to 29. Now, imported wines will retail between 200 yuan and 300 yuan, alterations in the price range of popular wines, open up consumption channels and keep leveling the mainstream consumer segment are the key strategies in further development China imported wine market. As for wine producers, exporters, there is a good chance to get engaged on exporting your brand wine into China, the mainstream in China’s imported wine market expects the business to increase this year and new international smaller brand partners are welcome. For A Complete Guide for Importing Wine to China available, please contact DCCC, or email to: