Dairy products noticeable growth in China | Chinese importers

Chinese Importers for Dairy ProductsJan. 9 – Dairy products, including milk, yogurt cheese/butter have been more appreciated in China recent years. As the source of a great variety of nutrients, dairy products are benefit the health of the younger, and older. According to a related research, the China market for ultra-high temperature processing (UHT) yogurt has been expanding rapidly which ranked as one of most welcome dairy product in China now.

Consumers Are More in Tune with Options of Nutrition Dairy Products in China

China is not only the most important market in the world, but also offers great support in policies for the development of dairy products in China, such as: new UTH milk (cow milk, goat milk etc.), UHT yogurt/probiotic drinks, refrigerated yogurt/probiotic drinks, refrigerated milk (cow milk, goat milk etc.), adult milk power and cheese/butter. China’s dairy food and beverage innovation and entrepreneurship environment is full of vitality, Lately Chinese authorities has proved a number of dairy producers for supplying dairy products to China market, which provides good opportunities for foreign dairy products companies investment and imports. China has made international import and trade part of its national development strategy, and the environment for importing to China has already taken up the lead, citing China’s efforts in policy, as well as enhanced support and investment and import in the area of purchasing of foreign goods. As 2018 China International Import Expo indicated that over the next 15 years, China’s total purchase of foreign goods would amount to US$30 trillion, while its purchase of services would reach US$10 trillion in the same period. With dairy food and beverage products, China market contains enormous potentials as health and wellness claiming to the front line in Chinese daily life, consumers are more in tune with the options of the nutrition and well-being, among others; dairy products become one of food items for China imports in recent years. There are some dairy producers, international dairy imports/exports businesses, tuned the market to hear the message.

The Most Popular Dairy products in China Market – UHT Milk in Demand

China market demand for imported quality milk is not new phenomenon. For years, a variety series of dairy products, with varying of nutritional functions, has been imported to the China market due to great demand among different age groups of Chinese consumers. According to a related report, the consumption rate of dairy products has been on the rise, among diverse sorts of dairy products, UHT milk is the most popular one. UHT yogurt / probiotic drinks is not only available in a varied choice of fresh tastes and innovative packing, but also provides more nutrients for children. Among others, advertising and promotion dairy products attracted more purchasers of children dairy products in China, you know the reason here: it is in the nature calling, parents always are willing to spend more on their children, especially under Chinese modern family structure, one child per family, the only child is in the center of cared for adequate, balanced nutrition. Therefore, dairy products have attracted younger parents’ consumers in China. As Chinese consumers have become more familiar with lifestyles changing, demand for imported quality food (including nutritional food, like breakfast and other convenient meals) is claiming up the sales, with Baking industry consumer trends and food, prepared cake, backing industry further growth in China, food ingredients for baking, cheese and butter also has in turn boosted the demand.

How to Connect With Related Chinese Importers?

With economic further development, China is the most important market in the world, from year to year, there are more foreign imports/exports companies and producers try to find China chance, preparing to enter China market. As food and beverages, particularly dairy products businesses is one of main imports products in China, connect with the right Chinese imports has become an issue. DCCC– the organization assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers, distributors for Consumers Goods, Food-Beverages. DCCC provides you with the information you search for right away. For international pet food producers, pet food imports/exports companies try to discover the market opportunities in China; the List of Chinese Importers/distributes for Dairy Products is available. For further information, please email info@dccchina.org.