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Craft-beer in China | beer market | Chinese Beer importers Mar. 5 – Craft beer in China, China is the largest beer market in the world with 450 million hectometers per year which make up 25% of the global consumption of beer, the craft beer market in China is mature year by year. However, some beer brewers may find it difficult to boost sales to dramatic new levels. There are a series of marketing activities were launched to support volume sales of craft beer in China.

Competing Taste, Quality and Freshness

To increase sales with craft beer in China, breweries follow the shifting of consumers’ demand for better taste, higher quality and sparkle freshness for ready consumption. For sustained volume growth, brewery companies have been forced to develop high-quality marketing strategies to appeal to the younger generation and boost volume sales. According to a related report, with china beer market development, the gain in volume share was mainly driven by the company’s commercial strategy of increasing the presence of its premium and mid-priced brands nationally and increasing its distribution in retail channels within lower-tier cities

Price Control of Craft Beer will not be Sufficient

Besides following consumers changing preference and priorities in China beer market to promote more sales, and keeping on competitive. For the growth of the breweries in the craft beer in China, price control of craft beer will not be sufficient to maintain a comparative. The other side of the coins is to adapt and develop some new strategies to the unique characteristics of China’s diverse markets to open up new and better opportunities for growth. The product packaging and price control will not be sufficient to maintain a comparative position in China craft beer market. The reality indicates that delivery of strategies will require strengthening operations on brand positioning, distribution and cost control to remain competitive.

Chinese Consumers are Increasingly willing to Pay up for Craft Beer

With the rising disposable income of the population of China, supported by the desire for lower prices and higher product quality, an increasing number of Chinese beer drinkers are anticipated to contribute for beer purchases growth in China beer market. Imported beer brands continue to gain attention from young people, specifically millennials, they will be the main growth engine over the coming years. Chinese consumers are increasingly willing to pay up for craft beer with Chinese characteristics. For beer breweries, beer traders, to catch the right opportunities in the most current China beer market, to connect with Chinese beer importers is the key to make informed, profitable decisions to expand beer business to new horizon. For the List of Chinese Importers for Beer Products in China is available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: