Imported beauty products lead China market | brands opportunities

cosmetic brands opportunities in ChinaOct. 25 – China is now the world’s second-largest beauty market and set for further growth, Imported beauty products continue dominating the China market. According to a related report, sales of cosmetics and personal-care items in China are expected to top US$39 billion in 2018, which imported cosmetic brands continued as leading force in China beauty market.

Imported Beauty Products Lead China Market

As China market insiders indicated that more and more Chinese consumers are looking for imported goods that essentially safer with steady quality. Imported domestic products are one of them that lead the China market. There are still more Chinese consumers prefer purchasing imported cosmetic brands than domestic products as related market report indicated. The competition between the imported and native brands is strong; the native products are growing steady. However, there is a price shifting right now, due to the upbeat of cosmetic and beauty products at large in China market, increased of the distribution channels and China imported consumers goods, cosmetic products is only one of the demanded import products in China market. Simultaneously, Chinese domestic cosmetic products are also steadily increasing in price; the gap of price tags between Chinese domestic products and imported brands is shrinking. As some Chinese importers see a good long-term opportunity in China and are targeting the growing number middle class of younger and older modern consumers that have had previous exposure to overseas products. Health and beauty products, increased fragmentation including a range of hair products that contains shampoos, treatments and oils, the skincare range, anti-aging ingredient for the skin is main focus.

Connection with Chinese Importers and Distributors

As the enthusiasm of Chinese consumer for imported consumer goods, among others, demand for foreign brands cosmetic products continues to grow in China, simultaneously, with an increasing number of Chinese importers and the distribution options available at the local level. Some of foreign cosmetic companies in China have enjoyed double-digit sales increases in recent years, It is, however, besides knowing markets for product registration and the rules in China, one of the most challenges is connect with reliable Chinese distributors and importers. For international cosmetic brands producers, cosmetic products importers, and exporters, the List of Chinese Importers for Health and Beauty Products is available upon request, contact with DCCC– the organization assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers, distributors for consumer goods, email to: